Thursday, January 14, 2010

BB Minute: What's for Supper?

Have you noticed that my Publix trips have been light lately? I have been working on using my stockpile the last couple of weeks. My trips to Publix have been small if at all. For those just starting out you will reach this point too. Once you reach maintenance mode you pick and choose when you shop. Only stopping by the bread store for a loaf and farmers market for needed fresh items. I am actually spending less than $120 this month on groceries!

I have loads of noodles, pasta sauce, taco dinner kits, soup and granola bars...So that's what I am trying to dwindle down.

Last night it was spaghetti...I found inspiration for tonight's dinner on the Fairhope Foodie--Chicken Egg Wraps. And guess what--I have all the ingredients in the pantry!

Tonight I will be using: Egg Beaters that were on sale at Publix last week, chicken breasts on sale at Publix last week, cheese (Sorrento that I stocked up on 2-3 weeks ago), and wraps (in my taco dinner kits). This will be a quick, easy, and slightly different dinner. Leftovers will be good for breakfast!

BB's Side Note--Think a little outside the box to use items in the stockpile. Try new things -new recipes! For example, you can make multiple things out of taco dinner kits. I bought a bunch last year when they were B1G1. I always buy the hard/soft shell kits. Hard shells used for dinner. Soft shells are used for wraps. My girls love PB & J wraps.

Another site to check out--$5 Dinners!

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Alaina said...

Great tip about the taco kits!! I never even thought to split them up and use the ingredients separately! I'll get some for sure next time :)