Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Questions and Answers!

Where do you store it all?
We live in an older home with a small pantry. Everything I have is organized by expiration date and category. This allows me to know what we have so I can quickly figure out what we need. Toiletries are kept in bathroom cabinets. It's like BBs own mini store. Once I have a good supply of something I do not buy it...I call this maintenance mode. I buy just enough to replenish when I am running low.

Do you ever buy anything not on sale and that you do not have coupons for?
YES! Say we needed cream of mushroom soup. I would first check for coupons. Once in the store I would price compare--Campbell's with coupon vs the price of the store brand. I would buy the cheapest product whatever that may be. Same with potatoes, if I needed them I would check bagged price vs singles.

How do you plan your meals?
I plan our meals around what is on sale. So it somewhat reverses the way many plan shopping trips. If it is cauliflower, grapes, apples and chicken on sale that week that is what I buy. Does that mean that is all we eat? NO! I have a freezer full of pork, beef, chicken stockpiled. I purchase many frozen veggies when they go on sale 50% off. Bags of rice, pasta, etc...always go on sale.
Sites like the Fairhope Foodie offer good meals plans for items that are on sale too.

How much could I save just starting out?
Building a stockpile: 50%
You spend more than you do in maintenance mode because you are buying more. However, you should be spending less than normal, and getting more in return.

Maintaining a stockpile: 50%-90%
You buy to replenish when running low.

This is what works for me and my family. I would love for readers to offer suggestions below on these topics!

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