Friday, January 15, 2010

Reminder: It's MEGA Swagbucks Friday!

You might see us talking about Swagbucks and wonder--What in the world are they talking about?!?! Well, here you go!

Swagbucks is a FREE search site where you earn points randomly when you search. Points can then be redeemed for prizes! It's a search engine like google except you earn points for certain things you search. Today is MEGA Swagbucks Friday which means you can earn 5-100 Swagbucks on one search!

Most recently I redeemed points for and to purchase items for my little one's birthday party. I have even used the points to get $5 Paypal credit.

Search & Win

Tips from the BB:
*Add the Swagbucks tool bar. It helps remind me to search.
*Recruit your friends to sign up under you. You earn when they earn.

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