Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Splurges

Another question that I have been asked numerous times--What do you do with the money you save?

Since starting this over a year ago, we have saved $5,000+. It's been nice having extra. A portion has gone towards the children's education and paying off short term debt. Some is used for the little treats. It's nice not feeling guilty about spending a little money when you have saved it. So ones of our treats? We love to eat out. I enjoy trying new restaurants--the overall experience of being waited on and enjoying great food. Tonight my husband and I ventured out to a new restaurant around the corner, Island Thyme. It was a comfortable family atmosphere with impressive local art. The food was definitely worth writing about--YUM. Well, worth my little splurge. (That says a lot for the local coupon queen--Ha!) Luckily, this restaurant participates with the next time they have an 80% off sale guess who will buying some certificates?!?

So what's your splurge? A nice outfit and night out? Please share!


Anonymous said...

Today it was heart shaped sugar cookies! I know its little but it was fun.

Accounting Dude & Frugal Chick said...

Mine is fabric. I love to sew. My husbands is travel, and when we travel...lets just say it is nice. It totally blows the budget accept for the fact he works two jobs 12 weeks a year to pay for the trips. He's an accountant.