Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peek at The Bargain Buggy's Table

What's a typical meal like at The Bargain Buggy's table? I know one or two of you have wondered just that question. When you see my buggy pics--it might make you think that all we eat is Fiber One yogurt...just not the case. Recall that since I'm maintaining a stockpile, my trips do not reflect what we are necessarily eating that week. My pantry and freezer hold months worth of food(all items I bought at rock bottom prices).
To go along with this healthy buggy initiative--I thought that it might be fun to give you a Peek at The Bargain Buggy's Table. Now while I may/may not include pics of our meals, I will try and share a couple of my favorite healthy recipes and what we are cooking occasionally. Not everything will have a recipe, a lot of times I start with an idea and add ingredients as I go(got that from my dad). I am NOT a gourmet cook...Simple, simple, simple. Enjoy!

Grilled pork chops(marinated in Italian dressing)-(Remember all of that Kingsford I bought last summer?)
Uncle Ben's Wild Rice
Mashed Cauliflower (with Sorrento cheese)
Libby's Peas
Delmonte SunFresh Mandarin Oranges


BeckyNewsome said...

And to think I just made bacon and Im coming to your house! :)

brooke lynn said...

yum...sounds good...besides the peas! :)

The Bargain Buggy said...

My husband hates peas too. :) But my girls love them! :) I have never mashed cauliflower--it was really good! I just boiled it--then added a little shredded cheese, salt, pepper--mashed.

BeckyNewsome said...

I have heard that it is also good to mash them in with mashed patatoes.....I have been meaning to try it! We LOVE stuff like that!