Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Produce on a Budget: Visiting the Produce Stand

Today I paid a visit to a produce market, Rick's Produce. Total before tax $9.41 Rick's Produce is located at Govt and Pleasant Valley Road. The store was indoors, clean and kid friendly. They even carried my produce to the car for me. I also stopped by Walmart for a price match on grapes(target .99/lb), cabbage (3 lbs/$1) and 2 bags of organic carrots for $1 after price match of 2/$1. Total spent on weekly produce $13.64! Not pictured cabbage, carrots, grapes.


10 lbs of potatoes

2- 1 lb bag of organic cut carrots

1- bunch of grapes

1- head of cabbage

1- head of cauliflower

1 lb of organic spanich

1- 3 lbs bag of onions -plan to chop and freeze--read more info here

2 oranges

1- 3 lbs bag of apples

2- cucumbers

1- avocado


Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is awesome and helpful information!! You are so generous to do this!
Heather Grubbs

Jayme said...

I left a message on the other Ricks post to find out exactly where this ad was located in the 2/14 Press Register. Your post said page 3 but I cannot find it. Can you please tell me what section?

The Bargain Buggy said...

Mine was in the main section pg 3...not all locations got them.