Friday, October 2, 2009


Well, this was my first Friday trip...and needless to say I will not be going back on a Friday. They were out of a lot of the items I wanted. A LOT. But overall, it was a good trip. I managed to add some more meat to the stockpile with the good price on beef--then a GREAT price with the beef coupons(look at the coupon on the Hamburger Helper)!
I enjoyed meeting other couponers today. You all are always so sweet and remind me why I post! THANK YOU!

Order Total:$9.54
Sales Tax: $7.44
Grand Total: $16.98
Savings: $192.45


9 packs of Ground Chuck
-(9) $1 peelies MQ
-(9) $1 off beef WYB Hamburger Helper (Publix coupon)

Fruits & Veggies:
Acorn squash
2 bags of Eat Smart veggies

2 boxes of frozen vegetables
-(2) .50/1
4 cans of OJ
-Free WYB General Mills

Dairy: (buying milk at Wal-Mart for .72 a 1/2 gallon)
1 Sorrento Cheese Sticks
-$2 peelie
-$1 Publix coupon from Yellow Advantage flyer

2 Dial soap 3 pk.
-.35 manufacturer coupon

Grocery Other:
9 Hamburger Helpers
-(3) .75/3 MQ
4 bottles of Juicy Juicy apple juice
-(1) 1.00/2 MQ
4 Ragu sauces
-(2) .75/2
4 SunMaid raisins
-(4) .35 MQ
-(4) Publix coupons from Yellow Advantage
4 Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kits
-(2) $1/2
4 packs of Band-Aids
-(2) $3/2 blinkie
2 Nestle Toll House Cookie Mix
-(2) $1/1
2 boxes of Cheezits
-(2) .55/1
2 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
-(1) $1/2 Target coupon
2 Cascadian Farms Organic Granola bars
-(2) $1/1
2 packs of Solo cups
-(2) .75/1
1 pack of Purex 3-1 laundry detergent
-(1) FREE coupon
1 Refried Beans
-FREE WYB taco kit peelie
1 pack of taco seasoning
-FREE WYB taco kit peelie
1 box of Splenda
-$1 coupon from ALL YOU
-.55 Target coupon
8 reusable bags
-(8) FREE WYB GM, Sunshine products

PLUS, -$20 in $5 off coupons, -$6.50 Register Rewards!

Look for this peelie on Hamburger Helper-$1 off beef! ALL on sale!!!

My Receipt-


wendy said...


Were the sunmaid raisins on sale? And, were they still out of the Pillsbury rolls?

Anonymous said...

ok, we're waiting for the coupon listing! What a great trip!

Anonymous said...

What competitors coupons are you using?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely dying to know how this is possible. I've been trying to use coupons for everything lately. I tried the grocerygame website and didn't find it too helpful. I saw the article in the paper about you last week and have been hooked on your site ever since. I think you are a wonderful lady to share all these deals and not ask for a membership fee etc. You are so kind. I'm very interested in having you do a workshop for me and some friends so we can learn just how you acheive this great success!

Dana said...

wow, Shannon, you never cease to amaze me! Great job ;-)

Penny said...

I would love to know the coupons you used... if you care to share.

SCG said...

SunMaid were 2/$3. I had a manufacturer coupon(requested from SunMaid, .35 each) and a Publix coupon(Yellow Advantage flyer I think).

Anonymous said...

where are the publix coupons?

SCG said...

You can find Publix coupons in the store(flyers) or through Publix mailings. Read Publix 101 & Couponing 101.
Visit I HEART PUBLIX for complete coupon matchups. Sorry I do not type up complete coupon matchups...I send you to the sources where I find mine.

Emily said...

Do I understand this correctly? THe peelies are on the ground chuch AND there are peelies on the hamburger helper? You put that the WYB coupon was publix but the picture shows it on the box so I'm confused.

SCG said...

9 packs of Ground Chuck
-(9) $1 peelies MQ
-(9) $1 off beef WYB Hamburger Helper (Publix coupon)

There are only manufacturer coupon peelies on the Hamburger Helper for $1 off (which is the one in the pics). You can use this peelie stacked with the printable $1 off beef when you buy Hamburger Helper Publix coupon here.

You can reference match ups on I HEART PUBLIX when you have questions about which coupons to use.