Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Sample of Honey Nut Cheerios and $1/1 Coupon

Go HERE and get a FREE sample of Honey Nut Cheerios and $1/1 coupon.
To be delivered in 6-8 weeks.
Cheap cereal during a B1G1 with this coupon!

New Bar on Site

You will notice the green bar on the right side of the blog. You can now scroll through the coupons and automatically print from this site. I would definitely snag the $5/25 Rite Aid if you are planning a Publix trip.
New coupons will list tomorrow!!!

$/$$ OFF Coupons

Current List of $5 off coupons:



RITE AID $3/$15 Expires 3/31/10

RITE AID $5/$25 coupon! zip 95677

RITE AID-Earn 20 video points by watch short video clips and earn a $5/$20 coupon HERE.

Rite Aid $5/25 Go HERE and register on the Rite site, upon completion you will receive an email link to coupons worth up to $50...You will find a $5/$25 in there!!!


Publix(Orange Beach) check the Island Clipper. $5/$50 PRINT HERE. This publication is all over town! I usually find mine right inside the door on the magazine rack.

The Island Guide (Orange Beach)

***If you find more please share by emailing me the link/source and expiration date. I will add them to the list.

MY CVS LIST 8/2/09

This is my list for CVS Sunday, 8/2...please keep in mind that these deals are part of the early ad that is subject to change. Always confirm with hard ad Sunday. GREAT week for FREE items and MONEYMAKERS!!! Just a heads up so you can get your coupons printed before they are gone! The above picture is what a ECBs(CVS Extra Care Buck) looks like on the bottom of your receipt.

*Stop by pharmacy and ask for the "Autofill book" full of coupons.

*Also, from what I hear there is suppose to be a free item printing off on your receipt in August when you use your CVS card--so make sure to check. I'll update when I shop.

FREE School Supplies--"FREE" Sunday(Saturday evening in some areas) through Tuesday!

Caliber 10 Pk Pencils 99¢ - Get back 99¢ ECB Limit 2

Caliber Academic Book Covers $1.99 - Get back $1.99 ECB Limit 2

Poly Portfolio 49¢ - Get back 49¢ ECB Limit 2

Caliber 20 ct Pens 99¢ - 99¢ ECB Limit 2

Caliber Academic Scissors $2.99 - $2.99 ECBLimit 2

Caliber Academic Compass/Protractor $1.99 - $1.99 ECB Limit 2

Caliber Academic Flexi Ruler .99¢ - .99¢ ECB Limit 2

Caliber Note/Glue stick/Pen Eraser .99¢ - .99¢ ECB Limit 2

Softsoap Nutri Bodywash $1 MONEYMAKER with $2 coupon
$4 ECB WYB 1 Softsoap Nutri Serums 15oz $4.99 Limit 1 This is a new bodywash. Print a $2 coupon HERE. MUST enter zip 45435!!!

FREE Dish Detergent with the $2.50 coupon!
$10 ECB WYB $20: Limit 1
Electrasol, Resolve or Woolite 2/$9
Finish/Electrasol Quantum, Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs $2.50 (8/9/09) SS 7/12/09 (I ordered this off of EBAY)
Electrasol packs will be free after coupons and ECBs.
Buy 5 for $22.50 - 5 $2.50 coupons = $10 oop(PAYING WITH ECBs I ALREADY HAVE), Get back $10 ECBs =FREE

$7.99 ECB WYB Blink tears or gel tears $7.99 FREE Limit 1 -This is the coupon I told you to print about a week ago. A little moneymaker. May be a coupon in Sunday's paper too. CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY OLD POST with Coupon link!

I purchase the FREE or very, very cheap items(above). You need to get a CVS card(cashier will scan before transaction) at the counter. If you are just starting out you will pay small amounts out of pocket--which you will get back on the bottom of your receipt in the form of ECBs.
ECBs are CVS dollars that you can use to purchase anything in the store.
I like to save my ECBs and buy stuff the following week--no money out of pocket.
For example, say you buy 1 Caliber Comp. book for .99. You will pay .99 plus tax out of pocket. However, when your receipt prints you will have a .99 ECB(CVS money) on the bottom. You can use the ECB to purchase anything else in the store before the expiration date. I save mine and use the following week.

Get a paper this Sunday!!!!

Make sure to snag a paper this Sunday...Up to 4 inserts included(5 in some areas?)...You will want to get the largest paper available to you because they will have better coupons. Anyone going to be in Atlanta on Sunday??? That's the paper I WANT!!! :)

Red Plum
Procter Gamble

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Erika's Publix Savings 7/29/09

Erika is a friend of mine that has been following my savings/couponing strategies from the beginning. She also shopped along with me and ESM last night. I asked her to please send me a picture of her trip along with her savings totals to share with you all. Erika is where I was a couple months ago--Building a stockpile. She will gradually move into just maintaining it. :)

Publix Trip 7/29/2009

Order Total $59.79
Tax $8.35
Grand Total $68.14
Savings $140.26

She will be submitting for the Kraft rebate 2- $10 Publix giftcards, and the $10 Kellogg's Fuel For School Rebate Check
So, she will be getting $30 how about $38.14 for all of this!!!!

What’s in Erika's buggy??

3- Boxes of Hamburger Helper
6- Boxes of Mueller’s Pasta
2- 6 pk Dole Fruit Bowls
1- Can of Muir Glen Tomato Sauce
1- McCormick Sloppy Joe Mix
1- Publix Sloppy Joe Mix
2- Cans of Pringles Chips
2- Boxes of Ritz Simply Socials Crackers
3- Bottles of Hunt’s Ketchup
10- Boxes of Kellogg's Poptarts
4- Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes
3- Value-sized Boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars
2- Boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
2- Keebler Right Bite Snack Packs 6 pk.
2- Boxes of Grape Nuts Cereal
1- Box of Cheerios
1- Box of Honey Nut Cheerios
1- Box of Oat Cluster Cheerios
2- Loafs of Arnold’s Bread
2- 6 pk Jello Pudding Snacks
3- 6 pk Yoplait Kids Yogurt
4- Tubs of Country Crock Butter
1- 2 tubs of Country Crock butter
2- Packages of Oscar Meyer Beef Franks
8- Kraft Mac and Cheese Dinners
1- 1/2 Gallon Chocolate Milk
1- 1 Gallon of Milk
1- Can of Grands Biscuits
2 lbs. of Red Grapes

Buy Theirs, Get Publix

Another perk to note about Publix--They have a BUY THEIRS, GET OURS promo(located on the last page of the online ad). This means that when you buy a certain name brand item, you get the comparable Publix item FREE!

The online ad(I printed this off and took it in with me) shows that the current promo is:

Tyson canned chicken, Get Publix canned chicken FREE!
Buy SunMaid raisins, Get Publix raisins FREE!
Buy McCormick's sloppy joe mix, Get Publix sloppy joe mix FREE!

**Now this is suppose to be taken off at the register by the cashier...HOWEVER, last night mine was not...Just make sure to tell your cashier it is a Buy Theirs, Get Ours Free item at the register!

$30 in Savings from Home Made Simple!!!

Get over $30 in savings from Home Made Simple. This is one of my favorite coupon booklets...Get yours today!!!

Coupons include: Cascade rinse(FREE), Dawn, Febreze, Mr. Clean and more!!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coupon business...$5/30, $5/50 PUBLIX

ITEM TO NOTE!!! When you are using TWO $5/30(1 Publix, 1 competitor)--Your order total before coupons should be at least $60 dollars!!! Or if you wanted to use a $5/50, $5/30 order total should be at least $80.
Remember always hand these coupons to the cashier first and then your other coupons.

Also, per Chris, Publix in Fairhope will be accepting drugstore coupons as competitors.

Now this may be helpful if you happen to receive a $5/30 or even a $10/50 at CVS. These CVS coupons are found: on the bottom of your receipt, CVS emails, or price scanners where you can scan your CVS card for additional coupons. THEY DO NOT TAKE ECBs.

Walgreen's Rebate Rewards, which are manufacturer coupons printed at the register are also accepted. You can use these to pay...BUT you may only use one RR of a particular Retailer. You will notice on the RR that in the fine print it will say Retailer:Dial, Dove, Pilot...Whoever it is...You can only use one. One Pilot RR. One Dove RR. One Dial RR. You could use three...but they each have to be from a different retailer.
Orange Beach Publix also accepts these!

Bit confusing...So ask questions!!!


Well friends, tonight was a fun night of shopping! I had the pleasure of shopping with two friends!
The results of the trip also made me quite happy.

Order Total $7.89
Tax $2.77
Grand Total $10.66 (Paid with my $10 Kraft Rebate Giftcard)
Savings $77.26


6- 6 pk Dole Fruit Bowls
4- Boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
6- Boxes of Mueller Pasta
4- Kellogg's Poptarts
6- Bags of Frozen Birds Eye Vegetables
2- Keebler Right Bite Snack Packs 6 pk.
3- Kraft Mac and Cheese Dinners
1- 1/2 Gallon Chocolate Milk
1- 1 Gallon of Milk
1- McCormick Sloppy Joe Mix
1- Publix Sloppy Joe Mix
1- 2 tubs of Country Crock butter
2- Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes
1- Knox Gelatin
1- Publix Reusable bag

Want to get the basics on how to save? Go here HOW TO GET THE BEST DEALS AT PUBLIX

So how did you do? Please comment below!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's the little things...that make shopping at Publix a pleasure!

In addition to the GREAT coupon policies--What else do I LOVE about Publix?

Q: What happens if a product scans incorrectly during checkout?
A: Our Publix checkout promise guarantees that if during checkout, the scanned price of an item (excluding alcohol and tobacco products) exceeds the shelf price or advertised price, we will give the customer one of that item FREE. The remaining items will be charged at the lower price. ***ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!!!!***

Q: What is your policy on carryout service?
A: We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service. That service includes taking your groceries to your vehicle.

Want to know more? Check out the rest of the Publix Q & A page!

My Publix List 7/28

I have been working on my Publix list and match ups today. I am looking forward to getting the Publix ad online to print off my list and confirm local prices.

Reminder: Check the coupon match ups on I HEART PUBLIX starting 7/28. She also has the SUPER DEALS listed. She is the best at getting the ad up early and giving extensive coupon match ups.

So are you ready?

Kraft and Save A Lot $25 in FREE Groceries!!!! Not HERE!


Kraft is REALLY throwing out some GREAT deals!!! $25 in FREE groceries at Save A Lot(this is the only participating store that we have around here)...I WILL be doing this. While I am not exactly familiar with Save A Lot(on Old Gov't), I will be following their ads over the next couple of weeks. I am assuming that this is after coupons but will confirm. One transaction. Also, visit the Save A Lot site and print out a $5 off coupon!!!

Purchase $25 of participating items and get: $5 off your next purchase & $20 via mail-in rebate *OFFER VALID: 8/7/09 - 8/23/09. All purchases must be made in a single transaction. Coupon for $5 will print at register valid on your next shopping trip. Coupon expires 2 weeks after date of purchase. Limit one $5 coupon per transaction. $20 rebate form will print at register. Cash register receipt must be dated between 8/7/09 - 8/23/09. Allow 6-8 weeks for shipment of rebate check. Limit one rebate per address/household. Offer ends 8/23/09.

Go to the KRAFT site HERE for more information!!!

Poptarts $0.22 after coupons!!! OR FREE tomorrow at PUBLIX!!!

If you or your kids like Poptarts you are in luck. Right now you can get them at Target for .22 each!
Go on over to EASTERN SHORE MOM to check it out!


Want them FREE?!?!?
Stack the Target coupon HERE with a .55 manufacturer coupon HERE and...Voila FREE! This is how you really can take advantage of the B1G1 deals at Publix friends!!!!

MILK Coupons!!!!! Print ASAP!!!

There are no more prints available.

Two very HOT coupons have surfaced at!

Get a FREE gallon of white milk with any $100 grocery purchase (before coupons!)
Get a FREE half gallon of chocolate milk when you purchase one gallon of white milk!

***Use zip code 63090. Prints 2 of each!***

Thanks I HEART PUBLIX and Money Saving Madness.

New KRAFT and TARGET Coupons!!!

Morning everyone!!! Kraft just posted a couple NEW coupons. There is $1.50 off salad dressing that you could use with the rebate qualifying items!!! Print 2 coupons for each item by hitting the back button.

$1 off Kraft 2% Cheese
$1 off Oscar Mayer Franks
$1.50 off Kraft Dressing

Go to KRAFT!

Target also listed a couple NEW coupons. Go HERE to find them--Click on the Target coupon tab! I am not seeing any great stacking opportunities for Publix this week with these particular coupons...

$1 off Apples
1-lb. or more Bulk apples Excludes Organic
$1 off Tuna
Purchase of two 11-oz. or larger Starkist
50¢ off Tuna
11-oz. or larger Starkist product

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Walgreen's Savings 7/27/09

I did stop by Walgreen's tonight to snag a small deal.

Scotch Bubble Mailer Envelopes are on sale this week for .39. I bought 4 envelopes and used three .50/1 coupons from 7/26 Red Plum.
Paid $0.06 for all four!

2 Mars Candy Bars on sale for .49 after in ad coupon. Used one $1/2 coupon from the 7/26 RP(Nashville paper) =FREE

Total= $0.27!!!(includes tax)

My Kraft/Publix Rebate came today!!!

I LOVE checking my mail to see what FREE stuff I get...or what rebates come in!!!! I mailed my Kraft/Publix Gift card offer off at the most 2 weeks ago...and TODAY my rebate was HERE!!!! 3- $10 Publix Giftcards! Talk about quick.
If you have not done this and want the details go HERE to the old post.
If you have questions ask away!!!
TIP: I bought a couple of the big boxes(2 oz or larger) of Jello Pudding in different flavors. Each flavor counts as a different Kraft product. When the Kraft coupons rolled out awhile back there were a lot of good printable coupons that you could use on the qualifying products. BBQ sauce, small jars of Miracle Whip, etc...are low prices and qualify. :) Receipts must be dated by 8/9/09...and received by 8/14/09. So hurry!!!

Sneak Peek Publix ad is up...7/29

I HEART PUBLIX has the new SNEAK PEEK Publix ad up.

The Advantage Buys are changing this week too...these specials usually run for a couple of weeks.
Advantage Buys Are Changing:
Publix Milk, 1-gal bot $2.25
Water Rolls, 12-Count, 14-oz pkg $1.99
Publix Fully Cooked Beef Pot Roast, Homestyle, 17-oz pkg $4.99
Del Monte Fresh Cut Vegetables, Assorted Varieties, 11 to 15.25-oz can (Excluding Specialty varieties and Asparagus) $.79
Hot or Lean Pockets or Croissant, Assorted Varieties, 6.5 to 9-oz box $1.49
Publix Print Paper Towels, Big Roll, 1-roll pkg $.99
Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper or Chicken or Tuna Helper, Assorted Varieties, 4.7 to 7.5-oz box $.99
Rico Long Grain Rice, 3-lb bag $.99
Herbal Essences Hair Care Products, Assorted Varieties, 6.24 to 12-oz pkg $2.49

Remember prices may vary slightly from our prices. For exact local prices see in store or in Wednesday's ad. This is only a sneak peek!!! Match ups will be up shortly.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sometimes CVSing just makes me frustrated--and confused. So if you are just starting out, this is normal. :) I think. I've been doing this for months now!
I HAD to go to CVS tonight to use the $5/$20(expires today) that I received via email from CVS. You can sign up on their site for this and more.
Anywho, when I first started CVSing I would go first thing Sunday a.m...BEST selection. Tonight when I went they were already out of a lot of the things that I really wanted to purchase...and the truck does not deliver until Thursday. Crazy. So I had to improvise and add a couple things that were not on the list(candy bars) instead of the clips/stapler/index holder.

This is what I used-
$3.00 in manufacturer coupons(1 toothpaste/2 detergent), $5/$20 CVS coupon
Paid w/ $10.97 ECBs (rolling week to week)
$1.96 out of pocket
I got $11.83 ECBs back on the bottom of my receipt.
So, all in all, I paid $1.10 for all of this. This includes tax. Saved $36.44.

2- bottles of Arm and Hammer Detergent
1- tube of Colgate toothpaste
1- CVS tampons 10 ct.
2- 2 pks. of Pilot pens
2- Caliber Notebooks
2- Caliber Erasers
3- Hershey candy bars


My trip to Nashville included a few extra stops. I wanted to take advantage of doubles and some free juice boxes that our local stores do not care.

First stop-PUBLIX! (of course!)

Saved $44.67
Spent $2.73 (includes tax)

5- jars of Peanut Butter
10- 3pk. of Organic Juice Boxes
4- 40 fl oz Lysol All Purpose cleaner
1- can of Chef Boy.
1- Reach dental floss
1- jar of Publix Grape Jelly

My friend and I decided to drop in to check out the deals at Harris Teeter since they were doubling coupons up to $1.98!!! WOW, right?!?!?!? So in we went...and out we came with nothing. BUT I was determined to get back to a computer and start finding the HT match ups...I knew there were some good deals in there...and I was not going to find what someone else had already found...So on to Southern Savers(another favorite site of mine) for the match ups! I focused on the FREE stuff...for .69 (includes tax) here is what I bought.

1- box of disposable Playtex gloves 10 count
1- box of Playtex Living Gloves
3- 24 fl oz bottles of Dawn dishwashing liquid (looks like I am going to be doing some washing)
1- canister of WET ONES

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My CVS Shopping List 7/26

Here is my list for CVS starting this Sunday, 7/26. Once I get the ad in hand on Sunday, I will confirm these deals and go shopping! I purchase the FREE or very cheap items. Remember you need a CVS card(cashier will scan before transaction), which you can get at the counter. And if you are just starting out you will pay small amounts out of pocket--which you will get back on the bottom of your receipt in the form of ECBs. ECBs are CVS dollars that you can use to purchase anything in the store. I like to save my ECBs and buy stuff the following week--no money out of pocket.
For example, say you buy 1 Caliber Comp. book for .99. You will pay .99 plus tax out of pocket. However, when your receipt prints you will have a .99 ECB(CVS money) on the bottom. You can use the ECB to purchase anything else in the store before the expiration date. I save mine and use the following week.

School Supply Deals Good Through Tuesday:
99¢ ECB WYB Caliber 100 Page Composition Books 99¢ "FREE" Limit 2
99¢ ECB WYB CVS Erasers, Push Pins or Binder Clips "FREE" Limit 2
99¢ ECB WYB Caliber Pencil or Index Card Case "FREE" Limit 2
99¢ ECB WYB Pilot Easytouch Pen 2 Pk 99¢ FREE Limit 2
99¢ ECB WYB Swingline Stapler or Caliber Sticky Notes 2 pk 99¢ FREE Limit 2

All week deals:
2/$6.99 2x Arm & Hammer liquid laundry detergent 32 loads, get $2 ECBs
$6.99-$2.00 manufacturer coupon = $4.99-$2.00 ECBs
Get 2 detergents for $3.
PRINT $2 A&H coupon $2 Arm & Hammer coupon

$2 ECB WYB Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste or 360 Toothbrush $2.88 Limit 1 FREE after coupon
$1 off coupon will make this FREE and a small moneymaker. Also, check the 7/12 SmartSource(ads in the paper) for a possible coupon on Colgate Advanced.

BIC Pens are B1G1. Should be FREE or really close to free—if we can use 2 coupons.
$2.00 coupon for the Bic Triumph Roller PRINT

Walgreens is slim on deals this next week--so I'll be skipping out!

Ad sneak peeks courtesy of HCW! Ad is subject to change...But this is what I use. :)

GIVEAWAY!!! Enter to win!!! Ends Monday!!!


THE WINNER IS #11-RACHAEL!!! Congrats!!!!

I am going to giveaway an envelope full of GOOD coupons--including one of the NEW, very hard to find, Unilever Raise Your Hand For Savings(exp 9/9) and Nothing Goes to Waist.

You may enter up to FOUR times by completing the following:
1. Leave a comment under this post.
2. Become a Follower of THE BARGAIN BUGGY.(Leave a comment below that says I'm a follower w/ your email address.)
3. Add a link on your Facebook about THE BARGAIN BUGGY.(Leave a comment below--I linked you w/ your email address.)
4. Become a Facebook Fan! (Leave a comment-I'm a FB fan w/ your email address)

Leave a separate comment below for each entry!!! :)
Also, please leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner. bettysue (at) yahoo (dot) com

Coupons included in the Unilever Book are:
$1/2 any Suave
$1/1 any Degree deodorant
$1/1 any Dove Beauty bar 6pk or body wash 19.4+
$1/1 Lipton Tea (really cheap tea when a B1G1 rolls around)
$1/2 Bertolli Pasta Sauces
$1/1 any Popsicle (almost free popsicles!)
$1/1 any Breyer's Ice Cream (darn near close to free when B1G1)
$1/1 any Bertolli frozen dinner
$0.55/1 any Skippy PB (always good!)
$0.55/1 any Ragu Pasta Sauce
$1/1 any Hellman's Mayo

ENDS MONDAY, 9 a.m. I will post the winner then so be sure to check back in!!!

*I will use to choose the winner.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Order Total $8.95
Tax $1.58
Grand Total $10.53

Savings $44.69

4 bottles of Mott's apple juice
6 Yoplait Gogurts (my kids like these frozen)
2 bags of Spinach (I was granted permission to use Fresh Express coupons on these since they were out of the FE brand.)
2.29 lbs of bananas(.49 lb)
2 bags of Alexia Chips
1 container of Simply Potatoes
1 pint of Starbucks ice cream
1 16 oz Lawry's Seasoning

Coupons that I used:
$5/$30 (2) 1 Bruno's and 1 Publix--Hand these to the cashier FIRST!!!
.40 off Yoplait(6)
1.00 off Fresh Express(used to buy Publix brand since they were out) (2)
1.00 off Alexia Chips (2)
1 Free Simply Potatoes
1 Free Pint of Starbucks Ice Cream
.55 off Lawry's Seasoning Salt

LITTLE trip--but good savings. I will now submit my receipt and receive a coupon for a FREE bag of Alexia chips!
You may notice that the items that actually ended up in the buggy are a little different than the items originally on the list. For starters the Tyson Skillet meals were $7.99...I will wait until a B1G1 comes around to buy them. I also added a couple of small items to hit the $30 mark so I could use my $5/$30s.

***Please comment and let us know how your shopping trip went!!!!!!***

Tidbits to Note

Hey guys--Just a little note on some coupons that are being wrongly promoted elsewhere. If a coupon says RETAILER it is a MANUFACTURER coupon. You can tell by the code on the bottom of the coupon and the mailing address listed in the fine print.
I have confirmed this with Publix corporate...and have informed the Asst. Manager at the Fairhope store of these fraudulent attempts.
I stay as honest and true with my couponing as we all get a better deal. :)

Also, when matching up always remember that I HEART PUBLIX is located in a different area...And prices will vary slightly(a couple cents) from store to store. My blog is to show you what I use. I love an early ad!!! I get a ball park on the price to determine if it is a good deal for me to add to the list. I actually use a calculator to add up prices as I drop things into the buggy.

Hopefully you all are finding my blog helpful!!! Please comment and let me know how your shopping trips go!!!! :)

Friday Night--Channel 5!!!

Be sure to tune into Channel 5(WKRG) Friday night. They will be airing a story about our friend, Eastern Shore Mom.

FREE Roastburger at Arby's today.

The girls and I ran by Arby's today in Daphne to try our luck with the FREE Arby's Roastburger. They were indeed giving them away--as long as you bought a medium drink(always a catch right). All and all it cost $1.95(for the drink plus tax).
I ordered the American Roastburger. Good--but would have been better without the shredded lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, other words just plain with some Arby's sauce. :)
Find an Arby's close to you and try it!

More Coupons to Print...ConAgra

I keep a folder for just printable coupons...When I first started I printed I am more selective. These are good and I am sure to use them.

$1 off ONE (1) Chef Boyardee 15-oz can (This coupon would make Chef Boyardee FREE at Publix)
$.50 off any ONE (1) Peter Pan Peanut Butter
$.50 off any TWO (2) Crunch 'n Munch
$1 off any FOUR (4) Snack Pack 4-packs



CVS 8/2 - Coupons to print NOW!!!

Here are a couple coupons that I recommend you go ahead and print out.

The week of 8/2 at CVS is going to be a moneymaker. Here are the coupons that you will want.

Blink Tears or Gel Tears, $7.99
Get $7.99 ECBs (limit 1)
Blink Tears PRINT
You make $1.50 using the coupon.

Stayfree Pads (28-48 ct.), $5
Get $5 ECBs wyb $10 (limit 1)
BOGO Stayfree Product, exp. 8-31-09 (SS 6/28/09)
Stayfree coupon PRINT

Moneymakers come around every now and then. They can be unadvertised deals, glitches in the system, or just plain ole good deals. I have made up to $32 on moneymakers. But I highly recommend getting out and taking advantage of them as soon as possible--some get pulled after a day or so.

Another CVS deal that is not a moneymaker but includes FREE stuff...
I ordered some of the $2.50 off Electrasol coupons off Ebay awhile back. I may use them the week of 8/2 to score some FREE dishwasher detergent. HOWEVER, would LOVE to see Publix have a B1G1 on this too!!! These are good coupons to order. :)
Here is what the CVS deal looks like for 8/2 on Electrasol.
Electrasol Dish Detergent, 2/$9
Get $10 ECBs wyb $20
$2.50/1 Finish/Electrasol, exp. 8-9-09 (SS 7/12/09)
FREE wyb 5 after 5 coupons and ECBs!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FREE BIC highlighters anyone?

Walgreen's has the BIC 5 pack of highlighters on sale for .49 each. Use the BIC $1/2 coupon found HERE(under household) and get them FREE. You can print it twice by simply hitting the back button. I bought four packs along with a .9 Penway highlighter. So I would be able to use the full amount of both coupons...I paid .23, .18 of that being tax.

Last Day to get the "FREE" school supplies at CVS for this week!!!

I did make my way to CVS today. I had some ECBs to roll over on the "FREE" items.

If you are just starting your CVSing, you will have to pay the balance due out of pocket for your purchase--BUT you will get it all back in ECBs(CVS money) on the bottom of your receipt. I use the ECBs I get back each week and buy the "free" stuff next week. You can use the ECBs to buy anything at CVS. I roll week to week. :) Tax on items comes out of pocket--so ECBs are used before tax.
Sure to be questions--so ask away.

All you need is a CVS card which you can get at the counter. They will scan before each purchase.
It helps to grab an ad by the front door to make sure that you are getting the right things-right counts, brand, etc...

Here are the "FREE" items good through today, TUESDAY:

Caliber or CVS brand Filler Paper, 150 sheets *Limit 2
Price $2 each (Receive $2 ECB)
Final Price FREE

Caliber or CVS brand Memo Book, 50-80 sheets *Limit 2
Price $.99 each (Receive $.99 ECB)
Final Price FREE

Caliber or CVS brand No. 2 Pencils, 24-ct *Limit 2
Price $1.99 each (Receive $1.99 ECB)
Final Price FREE

Paper-Mate Pens, 10-ct *Limit 2
Price $.99 each (Receive $.99 ECB)
Final Price FREE

Vinyl Binder, 1-inch *Limit 2 (My store did not carry these so they substituted some other ones.)
Price $3 each (Receive $3 ECB)
Final Price FREE

Why the Move?

I moved over to The Bargain Buggy because I am covering more than just my Publix shopping trips...Walgreens, CVS, Target, etc...Whatever deals I run across that I think that my frugal friends might like. :) So enjoy.

My Publix List and Coupons 7/22

Like I said this is a LIGHT week for me. But hopefully seeing how I match up will help someone. :)

Fresh Express Salad $2/5
-$1/1 Publix Booklet Smart Summertime Savings (Publix Q)
-$1/1 FLIP (check with manager to confirm this)
So I will pay .50/each.

Alexia Natural Crunchy Snacks, Assorted Varieties, Waffle Fries or Onion Strips, 4.5 or 5-oz bag BOGO $2.89
-$.75/2 Target IP PRINT
-$1/1 home mailer, using 2.
-B1G1 Mail in Rebate (This was a home mailer–Mail in a copy of my receipt and get a free product coupon)
So I will pay .89/2 plus get a free one in the mail.

Yoplait Go-Gurt Portable Yogurt, Assorted Varieties, 8-pk, 2.25-oz tube BOGO $2.79 My little one LOVES these frozen!!!
.40/1; .80/2 PRINT

Tyson Skillet Creations
Try One Free Mail in Rebate(MIR) and $1 off coupon

Simply Potatoes
Free coupon requested from manufacturer

Starbucks Ice Cream pint
Free coupon from Facebook

2-$5/$30 Bruno's and Publix (if I get to $30 before coupons)

What I would buy if we needed it...
I Can't Believe It Is Not Butter is a great deal at .50 each.
.75/1 PRINT

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner, Assorted Varieties, 40-oz bot. BOGO $3.19 Will hold coupon and buy in Nashville where they will double .50 coupons. So I will pay .60.
$.50/1 from 07-12-09 SS

View the FULL ad preview at I HEART PUBLIX and make your list!!! :)

****Prices may vary slightly depending on your store.****

Monday, July 20, 2009

GREAT deal on wipes at WalMart!!!

My girls love these wipes! They are GREAT for potty training or just on the go!!! Here is a steal of a price!!! Run out and get yours quick!!!!

Buy 2 Pull Ups Flushable Moist Wipes 42 ct. $1.64 each
Use the $3/2 coupon from the Sunday paper

.14 each

I also hit Walgreen's today and got some free/cheap school supplies, soap, etc...I had $3 RR to use up by today. :)
Free G2 pens!!! FYI-The "bold point" pen is not printing out make sure that they force it if you buy that style.

CVS tomorrow!!!

Publix will be light for me this week. I have a couple of things on the list...but not that exciting. Will share soon.

Sneak Peek Publix Ad for 7/22!!!

NEW Sneak Peek Ad is up!!! Click here to check it out!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Publix Savings 7/15/09

I was brave today--I took the girls with me to shop. They got to take their cookie club cards to get stamped and received their free cookie for being so good. :) Pretty sweet deals I got!!! Check it out!

Total $19.39
Rebates $22.00
SO I MADE $2. 61!!!! Free food and I made money. Something is just not right about this!!! :)
Savings $94.57 + $22(in rebates)= $116.57

10 boxes of Eggo waffles
10- $1 qs
2 boxes of Cheerios
2-$1 IPs
2 Taco Bell dinner kits
2-.75 peelie qs
7 jars of Barilla spaghetti sauce
7- $1 qs
3 packs of Jello pudding
2 boxes of Quaker granola bars
1 Kraft Italian dressing
1-$1 IP
1 Reynolds Foil 75 ft.
1-$1 Q from paper
2 McCormick Grinders
2-$1 qs-Nothing Goes to Waist Publix booklet
2 bags of Stouffer's Skillet meals
1 jar of Miracle Whip
1-$1 IP
1 tub of Kozy Shack pudding
All You q
1 box of Knox Gelatin
$4 IP
1 Kashi pizza
Peelie q stacked with Target
1 tub of Sabra Hummus
free q
Ground Chuck
$2 rebate

I was talking to my "Publix partner" on the way home discussing how I am going to have to cut back big time and use what I have. We have NO more room!!! We have never had this much food and spent so little!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


1. You do not have to buy 2 of the B1G1 items to get the sale price. Items ring up 1/2 and 1/2.

2. If you do buy 2 items that are B1G1 you will get your best deal if you have 2 coupons--sometimes 4 if you have store coupons to stack with the manufacturer coupons.

3. Publix accepts competitor coupons(Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Bruno's, Winn Dixie).

4. You can use ONE PUBLIX/or competitor coupon and ONE manufacturer’s coupon on ONE item. So, a max of TWO coupons per item. This is called stacking.

5. OB and Fairhope Publix locations do NOT double manufacturer coupons. Some Publix stores do double coupons that are.50¢ or less.

6. Orange Beach and Fairhope locations will accept drugstore coupons as competitors(CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid).
Now this may be helpful if you happen to receive a $5/30 or even a $10/50 at CVS. These CVS coupons are found: on the bottom of your receipt, CVS emails, or price scanners where you can scan your CVS card for additional coupons. THEY DO NOT TAKE ECBs.
Walgreen's Rebate Rewards, which are manufacturer coupons printed at the register are also accepted. You can use these to pay...BUT you may only use one RR of a particular Retailer. You will notice on the RR that in the fine print it will say Retailer:Dial, Dove, Pilot...Whoever it is...You can only use one. One Pilot RR. One Dove RR. One Dial RR. You could use three...but they each have to be from a different retailer.

7. When you are using TWO $5/30(1 Publix, 1 competitor)--Your order total before coupons should be at least $60 dollars!!! Or if you wanted to use a $5/50, $5/30 order total should be at least $80.
Remember always hand these coupons to the cashier first and then your other coupons.

8. Coupon books are usually located in the front of the store.

9. If Publix is out of an item ask for a rain check. Especially if it is B1G1. It is like locking in the lowest price...and you can wait for a good coupon to come around. No exp.

10. Manufacturer coupons mostly come from Sunday papers, magazines, mailings, and the internet(IPs).
Here are good sites for internet printables:
Red Plum
Smart Source
Always check the manufacturer's websites too!

11. Competitor and store coupons:
I have found Target has some of the BEST competitor coupons--You can find them at Hot Coupon World, click on Target and print.
Publix coupons-mailing and booklets
Target coupons- mailing, newspaper, Hot Coupon World
Walgreen's and CVS see #6,

How do I organize?
I use an accordion file folder which is overflowing into a wicker laundry basket. I tried the binder method but found it to be too much work...and the first time I took it somewhere the coupons fell out! Not good. Each section has a category. I will get more detailed on this later.

How do I prepare for a shopping trip?
When matching up my coupons these are my favorite sites:
I Heart Publix
*These blogs are not in our area--so deals/coupon match up may be slightly different.

I Heart Publix usually gets the sneak peek ad for the upcoming week up on Monday. So I review the list(mostly the B1G1s) and check my coupon files once the list is up. Then as they post their match ups(this is the hard work) I check in and see what links to printable coupons they have found...and look for any coupons that I may have missed.
I put the coupons that I will use on that trip in an envelope(that's what I take in).
Then I print a final list on I stick with the list.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Publix Savings 7/13/09

My trip tonight was exhausting! I spent a lot of time price checking and trying to find stuff! But here is the deal...I am breaking it down like this-

Order Total $91.07
Tax $2.31
Total $93.38 (***THIS INCLUDES $80 in gas cards***)
So Total without gas cards 13.38!!! Nice, but here it gets better...submitting for the $10 Kraft/Publix Rebate...
So all said and done a whopping total of $3.38 for food tonight!!!!!!
Total Savings $116.38 (Really $126.38 with my rebate)

2- $50 Shell Gas Cards (in ad $10 coupons)
2- Crystal Light Drink mixes
1- Kraft BBQ sauce*
1- Kraft Dressing*
1- Kraft Mayo*
3- boxes of Jello pudding*
1- carton of eggs
4- boxes of Klondike ice cream bars
1- Digiorno for One
1- 6pk of Danonino Yogurt
4- bags of Simply Potatoes
2- cans of tomato sauce
4- cans of Chef Boy Raviolis
2- boxes of Rice A Roni
1- Knox Gelatin
3- boxes of BandAids
3- bottles of Huggies wash
3- boxes of Tylenol
1- Reach Dental Floss
1-Bakery Item
1- bouquet of flowers

Looking back the stuff seems a bit random...but really we are stocked up on everything! Items tend to cycle on sale--so I buy as many as I have coupons for. I do well buying only what is on sale and on my list. Why the gas cards? Well, I got $50 worth of gas for $ to submit for the Kraft Rebate your receipt must be $50+ after coupons...My totals are usually well under $50.
I did buy milk and bread elsewhere today...Bruno's for the $1.99 milk. I bought bread at the EarthGrains Outlet for .99.
Exactly the same bread you buy at the grocery store--and just as fresh!!!

Publix Ad starting 7/15

Here is the ad starting this Wednesday courtesy of I HEART PUBLIX!
Publix Sneak Peek Weekly Ad 7/15 – 7/24 (7/16 – 7/23 in some areas)
Publix Sneak Peek Weekly Ad 7/15 – 7/24 (7/16 – 7/23 in some areas)
Be sure to check her site! Go there for the print links. This is what I use every week. Focus on the B1G1s for your best price!
This week should be a pretty good one for me!
General Mills Cereal Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, or Multi-Grain Cheerios, 16.2 to 18 oz, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 24.9 oz or Total Raisin Bran, 24.6 oz box, save up to $4.99
-$.75/1 Multi-Grain PRINT
-$.55/1 Cheerios PRINT
-$.55/1 Cheerios PRINT
-$.75/1 Multi-Grain PRINT
-$.75/1 Multi-Grain Cheerios PRINT
-$1/2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch PRINT
-$.75/1 Total Raisin Bran PRINT
-$1/1 Total Raisin PRINT
-$1/2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch from 07-12-09 SS
-$1/2 Cheerios from 06-14-09 SS
-$3/3 Peelie
Rainier Cherries, sold by the pkg, save up to $6.99
Nestle’ Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer Chilled: Original, Low Fat, or Fat Free, 32 oz bottle, save up to $2.19
-$1/2; $.50/1 from 06-28-09 RP
-$.50/1 All You, June 2009
-$.55/1 PRINT
-$1.50/1; $1/1 PRINT
Kozy Shack Pudding, 22 oz tub, save up to $2.89
-$.35/1 “Nothing Goes To Waist”
-$.55/1 All You, June 2009
-$.25/1 Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, June 2009
-$1/2; $.35/1 from 03-29-09 SS
Whole Fruit Sorbet, 1 pint carton, save up to $2.89
Stouffer’s Skillets Meals, Serves 2, 23 to 25 oz bag, save up to $4.99 REBATE for one free!!!!
Gorton’s Premium Fish or Grilled Shrimp or Shrimp Temptations, Assorted Varieties, 8 to 17.2 oz pkg, save up to $7.49
-$1/1 All You, March 20, 2009
Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles Original or Nutri-Grain, or Special K, Assorted Varieties, 9.9 to 12.6 oz box, save up to $1.99 **Qualifies for the Fuel for School Rebate!
-$2 off Fresh Fruit WYB any 2 pkgs Kellogg’s Eggo Frozen Waffles, 8 ct+ Kellogg’s Fuel for School
-$1/1 Peelie
-$1/1 How Do You Eggo Booklet
Farm Rich Cheese Sticks or Bites, Quesadilla Slices or Panini, Assorted Varieties, 20 to 28 oz bag, save up to $7.69
-$.75/1 PRINT
Starkist Gourmet Choice Tuna Fillet Solid While Albacore in Water, 4 pk, 4.5 oz can, save up to $7.19
Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner!, Assorted Varieties, 10.75 to 16.35 oz baox, save up to $2.69
-$.75/1; $.50/1 peelie
-$1/1 All You, June 26 2009
New York Texas Toast Croutons, The Original: Caesar, Sea Salt & Pepper, Seasoned, or Garlic & Butter Flavored, 5 oz bag, save up to $1.49
-$.50/1 All You , June 26, 2009
-$.55/1; $1/2; $.50/1 from 04-05-09 RP
Hellmann’s Easy Out! Mayonnaise Real or Light, 22 oz bottle, save up to $4.69
-$1/1 PRINT (prints in spanish)
Ken’s Steak House Dressing or Lite Accents, Assorted Varieties, 7 or 16 oz bottle, save up to $3.19
Kellogg’s Cereal Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, or Apple Jacks, 14.9 to 17.5 oz box, save up to $4.39 **Qualifies for the Fuel for School Rebate!
-$1/1 Peelie
-$1/2 Blinkie
-$2 off any 2 Dannon Danimals Crush Cup 4-pks or Danimals Smoothie 6-pks WYB any 2 pkgs Kellogg’s Cereals (Corn Pops, Cocoa Krispies, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks or Frosted Flakes, 10 oz +, any flavor, mix & match) – Kellogg’s Fuel for School
-$1/1; $1.50/1 from 06-07-09 RP
Barilla Pasta Sauce, Assorted Varieties, 24 oz jar, save up to $2.75
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, Assorted Varieties, 8.4 to 8.7 oz box, save up to $2.99
-$.75/2 from 06-21-09 RP
-$.55/1; $1/2 Quaker Fiber & Omega-3 Chewy Oat Granola Bars from 06-21-09 RP (if included)
Zatarain’s New Orleans Sytle Mix, Assorted Varieties, 7 or 8 oz box, save up to $1.99
-$.75/2; $1.25/3 from 06-07-09 RP
Ghirardelli Brownie Mix or Cookie or Muffin, Assorted Varieties, 17 to 20 oz box, save up to $2.79
Hunt’s Tomato Sauce, 100% Natural, 15 oz can, save up to $0.99
McCormick Grinder Seasonings, Assorted Varieties, 0.77 to 2.12 oz bottle, save up to $1.99
-$1/1 “Nothing Goes To Waist”
-$1 off 2 McCormick Grinders And (6) Ears Of Corn
-$2.50/1 Tearpad
Pop-Secret Premium Popcorn, Assorted Varieties, 6 or 10 ct, 11.2 to 21 oz box, save up to $4.79
-$.50/1; $1/2 from 06-14-09 SS
-$1/1 Peelie
Keebler Town House or Club Crackers, Assorted Varieties, 7.88 to 16 oz box, Assorted Varieties, save up to $3.99
-$1 off Kellogg’s Special K Bars, 5 ct + WYB any 2 pkgs Keebler Club Crackers teaprpad
-$1/2 Townhouse Tearpad
-$1 off Keebler Club Crackers and Deli Cheese (Min. $3 Purchase) WT
Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks, 6.06 to 7.04 oz bag, or Quaker Mini Delights Multigrain Cakes, 6-pk, 4.2-oz box, Assorted Varieties, save up to $2.99
-$.55/1 Publix BACK to SCHOOL SALE Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer (Publix Q)
-$1/3 Peelie
Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread, Assorted Varieties, 16 oz loaf, save up to $3.59
-$.75/1 Target IP (exp 7/18) PRINT
-$.55/1 Peelie
Snickers 6 To Go Bars, or Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, or Twix, 6 ct, 12 to 12.78 oz pkg, save up to $3.99
Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies, Assorted Varieties, 14 to 15.25 oz pkg, save up to $3.25
-$1 off Nabisco Cookies And (1) Gallon Of Milk peelie
-$1 off Nabisco Cookies or Crackers WYB (1) Starbucks Or Seattles Best Coffee, Any 12 Oz. Bag
-$2 off Nabisco Chips Ahoy And (1) Capri Sun Product
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Snack Crackers or Grahams, Assorted Varieties, 6.6 to 8 oz pkg, save up to $2.19
-$.35/1 peelie
-$1/2 peelie
Fiskar Scissors for Kids, Blunt Tip 4+ or Point Tip 5+, Safety Edge, 1 ct pkg, save up to $2.49
Master Lock Combination Lock the Original or Basic Security, save up to $4.99
Assorted Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, 8 ct. pkg, save up to $6.99
Sharpie Accent Highlighter, 4 ct pkg (excluding Mini Highlighters), save up to $2.99
Crayola Washable Markers Classic Colors or Bold Broad Line, 8 ct. box, (excluding Heads Tails Markers), save up to $3.69
Pilot G2 Fine Point Gel Ink Pen Retractable Rolling Ball: Black, Blue, Purple or Red, 2 ct. pkg, save up to $2.99
Pilot FriXion Ball Gel Pen, Erasable, Fine, Black, 2 ct pkg, save up to $3.99
Bausch & Lomb: Renu Solution Multi-purpose, 12 oz bottle, save up to $8.99
-$1/1 PRINT
-$1/1; $1.50/1 from 05-17-09 SS
Pedigree Good Bites Snack Food for Dogs, 5 oz pouch, surprisingly low price (possibly priced at $3.49)
-$1/1 from 06-28-09 RP
-B1G1 Blinkie
-$1/1 Blinkie
-$2/1 Flyer
Spray ‘n Wash Stain Remover with Resolve Power, 44 oz bottle, save up to 4.79
-$.75/1 PRINT
-$.50/1; $1/2 from 06-14-09 SS
L’oreal Paris Vive Pro Hair Care Products, 1.7 to 13 oz pkg, save up to 4.99
-$1/1 PRINT=
-$1/1 from 05-17-09 SS & 04-26-09 RP
-$1/1 Hydra Gloss PRINT
Right Guard Sport Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, 2.8 or 3 oz pkg, (0.55 instant coupon on selected packaging, while quantities available), save up to 2.79
-$1/1 fast Break PRINT (if included)
-$1/2 from 05-17-09 SS & 07-12-09 SS

White Mountain Bread, 16-0z loaf $2.49
Cinnamon Nut Coffee Cake, 11-oz size $4.29
Donut Nuggets, 24-ct $3.59
Apple Bran Muffins 4-ct, 10-oz pkg $2.29
Tuscan Roasted Garlic Loaf $3.99
Cherry Cheese Strudel or Apple, 16-oz size $3.99
New York Style Cheesecake, With Fresh Strawberries, 32-oz size $9.99 (Plain , 23-oz size $6.99)
Publix Deli Homestyle Red Potato Salad $3.99
Publix Ultimate Party Sub -serves 8 to 10 $14.99
Publix Deli Old Fashioned Lemonade, half gal jug $1.19
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, 6-oz pkg (Excludes Chocolate covered and PB & chocolate covered) 2/$4
-$1/1 PRINT
-$1/1 Buffalo Wing Crisps PRINT
-$1/1 Peelie & WT

Dannon Yogurt, Assorted Varieties, 6-oz cup 20/$10
-B6G1 blinkie
-$1/10; $.60/6 from 06-21-09 SS & 05-03-09 SS
Stonyfield Farm Yogurt, Assorted Varieties, 6-oz cup 10/$6
-$.50/3 Go Organic For Earth Day (if soy included)
-$1/4 Go Organic For Earth Day
Breakstones Cottage Doubles, Assorted Varieties, 5.5-oz cup 10/$10
-$1/1 Ladies Home Journal & Family Circle, July 2009
Pillsbury Rolls or Squares, Twists, Breadsticks, Pizza Crust, or Loaf, Assorted Varieties, 8 to 13.9-0oz can 3/$5
-$1/3; $.75/3 from 05-31-09 SS
Publix Soft Cream Cheese, Regular, Light Fat Free, With Chive & Onion, or with Strawberries; or Whipped Spread, 8-oz cup 4/$5
Publix Chunk Cheese, Assorted Varieties, 16-oz pkg $2.99
Kraft Shredded Cheese, Assorted Varieties, 14 or 16-oz pkg $3.99
-$1/1 Shreds-Sunset, June 2009
-$.50/1 2% Milk Tearpad
-$.55/1 Cheese Loves Company
Publix Deli Oven Roasted Turkey Breast $4.99
Publix Deli Turkey Half Sub Combo $4.99
Publix Deli Chicken Wings $4.99/lb
Boar’s head Lower Sodium Deluxe Ham $8.79/lb
Flatout Bread, Assorted Varieties, 11.2-oz bag 2/$4
-$1/2 Tearpad
Boar’s Head Domestic Provolone Cheese $5.99/lb

18-Inch Mylar Balloon $2.99
Publix 20 Stem Premium Bouquet $9.99

Bluebell Ice Cream, Assorted Varieties, 1-pt ctn 4/$5
Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Entrees or Healthy Choice Meals, Assorted Varieties, 9.5 to 12.3-ox box 4/$10
-$1/1 HC from Con Agra Book
-$.55/1 Blinkie
-$1/1; $.75/1 from 05-31-09 SS
-$1/2 All You, June 26, 2009
-$1/2 PRINT
Michael Angelo’s Entrees, Assorted Varieties 10 or 12-oz box 4/$10
-$1.50/1 Tearpad
New York Garlic Texas Toast, Regular or Lite, or Garlic Bread Sticks, 10.5 or 11.25-oz box 2/$4
-$1/2; $.75/1; .55/1; $.40/1 from 05-17-09 SS
-$.55/1 Peelie

Juicy Juice 100% Premium Juice, Assorted Varieties. 64-oz bot 2/$5
Gatorade Thirst Quencher or G2 Low Calorie Beverage, 8-pk, 20-oz bot or Gatorade Tiger, 8-pk, 16.9-oz bot $4.99
-$2/1 Peelie
-$1/1 Hangtag
Maxwell House or Seattle’s Best Coffee, Assorted Varieties, 12 oz bag, or 33 or 34.5 oz can, $5.49
-$1/1 from 06-14-09 SS
-$1 off Ritz AND Maxwell House, Yuban, or General Foods International package
Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail or Cranergy or Juice Drinks, Assorted Varieties 2/$5
-$1/1 Ocean Spray Blueberry Drinks Or Diet Blueberry Drinks, Any 64 Oz. Bottle from 05-17-09 RP
-$.55/1; $1/1 Ocean Spray Grapefruit Juice Or Juice Drink, Any 64 Oz. – 05-31-09 RP
-$1/1 Ocean Spray Cranergy Energy Juice Drink, Cranberry Lift, Raspberry Cranberry Lift, or Pomegranate Cranberry Lift, Any – 03-29-09 SS
-$.55/1 Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate Or Ruby Pomegranate Juice Drink, Any 64 Oz. – 04-19-09 RP
-$1/1 Ocean Spray Cranergy, Cranberry Lift, Raspberry Cranberry Lift, or Pomegranate Cranberry Life – Redbook BH&G, Woman’s Day, April 2009
Maxwell House Colombian or Decaffeinated Coffee, 31.5 to 33. oz can, 6.99
-$1/1 from 06-14-09 SS
-$1 off Ritz AND Maxwell House, Yuban, or General Foods International package
12-Pack Selected Pepsi Products, 12-oz can 3/$12
Aquafina Pure Water, 24-pk, 16.9-oz bot $3.99
12-Pack Assorted Publix Soft Drinks, 12-oz cans 3/$7
Selected Pepsi Products, 2-L bot 2/$3
Free 2-L wyb 2 2-L Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer
Cape Cod Potato Chips, Assorted Varieties, 8 to 9 oz bag, 2/$5
-$1/2 WT

Health and Beauty:
Garnier Fructis Hair Products, Assorted Varieties, 2 to 13-oz pkg 2/$6
Tampax Pearl Products, Assorted Varieties, 18 or 20-ct box or Always Infinity Pads, 14-18 ct pkg $3.99
Clearasil Acne Facial Products, Assorted Varieties, .06 to 6.78-oz pkg ot 90-ct jar 25% off
Band Aid Adhesive Bandages, Selected Varieties, 10 to 80-ct pkg (Excluding Antibiotic or Ultra Strips) $2.19
Axe Hair Care Products, Assorted Varieties, 2.64 or 12-oz pkg or Axe Body Wash, 12-oz bot or Axe Detailer Shower Tool 2/$7
Edge Advanced Shave Gel or Skintimate, 7-oz can or Edge Infused Gel or Skintimate Shave Cream, 6-oz can 2/$7
Advil Pain Medicine, Assorted Varieties, 80 or 100-ct bot (excluding Advil PM) $7.29
Zyrtec Allergy Tablets, 30-ct box $18.99
Olay Body Lotions, 8.4 to 11.8-oz bot, Body wash, 16 or 23.6-oz bot or bar Soap, 6-ct, 4.25-oz pkg, Assorted Varieties $5.49
Banana Boat Suncare Products, Assorted Varieties, 3 to 16-oz pkg $2.00 Off
Colgate Toothpaste, 8.2-oz tube or Colgate Wave or Total Professional Toothbrush 2/$4
Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash, Assorted Varieties, Cool Mint, Original, FreshBurst, or Vanilla Mint, 1-L bot or Whitening, 16-oz bot $3.99
Centrum Multivitamin Supplement Tablets, 130-ct bot ot SIlver 100-ct bot or Caltrate Calcium Tablets, 60-ct bot (excluding Centrum Ultra) $6.99
EAS MYoplex Nutritional Shakes, Assorted Varieties, 4-ct, 17-oz pkg $10.49

Top Flight Portfolio, 2 pocket No Tang. Assorted Colors 4/$1
Zax Lunch Kits or Arizona Blue, Assorted Varieties 25% off
Crayola Crayons, 24-ct box 3/$1
Paper Mate Write Bros Ball Point Pen, 10-ct pkg (Excluding Recycled Pens) 2/$1
Bic Mechanical Pencils, 10-pk bag 3/$3
Dixon No @ pencils 10-ct pkg 3/$1
Elmers School Glue, 4-oz bot 3/$1
Elmer’s Glue Stick, 3-ct pkg 3/$2
Top Flight Standards Subject Notebook , Woide or College RUle, 1-ct pkg 3/$1
Paper Mate Flexgrip Elite Ball Point Pen 2-ct pkg 2/$1
Arizona Blue Backpack, Assorted Varieties, 18, 19, or 20-inch 25% off
Duracell SD Flash Memory Card, 2GB $9.99
Sterilite Clearview Latch Box, 66 qt, $6.99
2X Ultra All Laundry Detergent, Assorted Varieties, 2X Concentrated or Free & Clear HE, 150-load $9.99
-$2/1; $1.50/1; $.40/1; $1//1 from 06-28-09 RP
Tide Laundry Detergent Powder, Assorted Varieties, 70 or 71-oz box $7.99
-$1/1 from 07-05-09 PG
-$1/2 from 06-07-09 PG
-$1/1 P&G Brand Saver $120 In P&G Savings
Febreze Candles, 5.5-oz pkg or Febreze Noticables Scented Oil Warmer, 1-ct pkg Assorted Varieties,(excluding home collections and noticables nightlights) $5.99
-$1/1 candle from P&G Brand Saver $120 In P&G Savings
-$4/1 Noticable kit from 07-05-09 PG
-$1/1 Noticable from P&G Brand Saver $120 In P&G Savings
Publix Ultra Fabric Softener, 51-oz bot $3.99
Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray, Assorted Varieties, 27. 04-oz bot $4.49
-Free Febreze Air Effects wyb any Febreze Fabric Refresher from 07-05-09 PG
-$1/1 P&G Brand Saver $120 In P&G Savings
Angel Soft Unscented Bathroom Tissue, Double or Regular Rolls, 12 or 24-roll pkg or Septic Safe 2-ply Mega Rolls, 9-roll pkg $5.49
-$.50/1 PRINT & PRINT
-$2 off Sparkle Paper Towels And Angel Soft Tissue PRINT
Sparkle With Thirst Pockets, 2-ply: Pick-A-Size, 6-roll pkg or Prints 8-roll Pkg $5.49
Kleenex Viva Paper Towels, Big Roll: White, Premium Choose-A-Size, or Delightful Designs, 1-roll pkg $1.89
-$1/1 Peelie
-$.40/1; $.85/1; $.60/1 from 06-28-09 SS
-$.50/1 All You, July 2009
Glad Bags, Selected Varieties, 8, 13, or 30-gal, 14 to 28-ct pkg $3.69
-Free Publix Big Roll Paper Towels with the Purchase of any Glad Trash bags, Make Summertime Sizzle Publix one sheet
-$.50/1 Blinkie
-$1/1If Forceflex included PRINT
Solo All Occasions Paper Plates, 7, 8.75 or 0.25-inch, 22 to 48-ct pkg 2/$4
-$.75/1 PRINT
-$.55/1 Peelie

Ribeye Steaks $5.99/lb
Whole Pork Tenderloin $4.99/lb
Top Round London Broil $2.99/lb
Beef Cubed Steak $3.99/lb
Center Cut Pork Rib Chops $3.49/lb (Thin Sliced-$3.79/lb)
Kentucky Legend Turkey Breast $4.59/lb
Boneless Shoulder Roast $2.69/lb
Boneless Shoulder Steaks $2.99/lb
Hormel Black Label Bacon, 16-ox pkg 2/$6
-$.55 off Hormel Black Label Bacon WYB Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits Peelie
Armour LunchMakers, Assorted Varieties 2.6 to 2.82-oz pkg 10/$10
Oscar Mayer Shaved Deli Meats, Assorted Varieties 7 to 9-oz pkg 2/$6
-$1 off Kraft Deli Fresh Cheese Slices WYB (1) Package Of Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meat
-$1 off Grey Poupon Mustard And (1) Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meat
-$1/2 Kroger My Magazine – “The All American Picnic”
-$1/1 Flyer
-$1/2 Tearpad
Ground Chuck $2.99/lb
Perdue Chicken Breast Tenderloins $3.99/lb
Publix Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, Individually Frozen: Regular or Cutlets; or Tenderloins, 32-oz bag $4.99

Purina Dog Chow Dry Dog Food or Puppy Chow or Indoor Complete Little Bites, Assorted Varieties, 17.6 to 20-lb bag $9.99
-$3/1 from 06-07-09 SS
-$2/1 Puppy Chow PRINT
Purina ONE Cat Food, Assorted Varieties, 3.3 or 3.5-lb bag 2/$10
-$3/1 from 06-07-09 SS
Whiskas Cat Food or For Cats & Kittens, Assorted Varieties, 30 or 36-oz box $3.49
-$2/1 from 07-12-09 RP

Fresh Express Salad Blends 2/$5
-$1/1 Publix Booklet Smart Summertime Savings (Publix Q)
-$.55/2 Fresh Express Sweet Tender Greens, Tender Ruby Reds, or Gourmet Cafe Salads, Any – 06-14-09 SS (if included)
-$.75/1 Kroger My Magazine – “The All American Picnic”
-$2 off Two Fresh Express Salad Blends And (1) Marzetti Dressing
-$2/2 Tearpad
-$1.50/1 Publix Family Style, May (Summer) 2009 Home Mailed Version Only (Publix Coupon)
-$1 off Floral Purchase WYB (1) Fresh Express tearpad
Baking Potatoes, 5-lb bag $2.99
California Red or White Seedless Grapes $1.69/lb
California Strawberries 2/$5 (32-oz pkg $4.99)
Eastern Peaches $.88/lb
Organic Peaches or Nectarines $1.99/lb
Northwest Cherries $2.49/lb
Organic Red Cherries, 16-oz cont $2.99
Eastern Blueberries 2/$4
Tomatoes on the vine $1.69/lb
Simply Juice, Assorted Varieties, 100% Pure, Not from concentrate, 1.75-L bot 2/$6
-$.75/1 Kroger My Magazine “Look What’s New”
-$.50/2 “Add Dairy to Your Backyard Adventure”
Baby Portabella Mushrooms, Sliced or Whole 2/$4
Eggplant $1.29/lb
Clementines 3-lb bag $4.99
Red or Black Plums $1.29/lb
Apricots $2.49/lb

Medium White Shrimp Prev Frozen, peeled & deveined, farm-raised, 52-60 per lb $4.99/lb
Fresh Catfish Fillets, Never Frozen, Farm Raised $4.99/lb (Ready to Cook: With Lemon Heb or Cajun Seasoning %5.99/lb)
Bay Scallops, Prev Frozen, Dry pack, Wild Harvested, 100 to 150 per lb $6.99/lb (Publix Finishing Sauces, 10-oz pkg 2/$7)
Large Florida Pink Shrimp, Prev Frozen, Wild Harvested, 31-40 per lb $7.99/lb

In Ad Coupons:
Free 5 Propel Fitness Water 710 ml bottles WYB 2 Gatorade Thirst Quencher or G2 ir Gatorade Tiger 8 pk, 20 oz bottles Limit one deal per coupon per customer. Reproduction or transfer of this coupon constitutes fraud. Good thru July 21 for the July 15 ad effective date stores.
$2.00 Off Pampers Wipes with the Purchase or Pampers Big Pack Box Cruisers, 48, 56, 64, or 76 ct or Baby Dry 60, 70, 82, or 96 ct pkg, Limit one deal per coupon per customer. Reproduction or transfer of this coupon constitutes fraud. Good thru July 21 for the July 15 ad effective date stores.
$5.00 off the purchase of Nestle Good Start Supreme Infant Formula, 24 or 25.7 oz can. Limit one deal per coupon per customer. Reproduction or transfer of this coupon constitutes fraud. Good thru July 21 for the July 15 ad effective date stores.

Friday, July 10, 2009

CVS Deals starting Sunday, 7/12

These deal scenarios were put together by Jenny over at Southern Savers. Looks good to me!
(2) CVS 1 Subject Notebooks .99¢ ea
(3) Paper Mate Grip Pens .99¢ ea
(1) .05¢ pocket folder
-$5 ECB (I am starting with this.)
Total Due: .04¢
Get Back: $5 ECB

(1) CVS Scissors $2.99 ea
(2) CVS Glues .99¢ ea
(1) .05¢ Pocket Folder
-$5 ECB
Total Due: .02¢
Get Back: $5 ECB

(1) CVS Scissors $2.99 ea
(2) CVS 12″ Ruler .99¢ ea
(1) .05¢ Pocket Folder
-$5 ECB
Total Due: .02¢
Get Back: $5 ECB

(1) Gillette Fusion Razor $7.99
(1) Tylenol Arthritis $3.99
-$4 Gillette Fusion
-$2 Tylenol Arthritis
-$5 ECB (Starting with these)
Total Due: .98¢
Get Back: $7 ECB

(1) CVS Photo Book $7.99
-$7 ECB
Total Due: .99¢
Get Back: $7.99
Total Out of Pocket: $2.05

Free Chocolate?

That's right FREE Mars Chocolate. You'll get a postcard in the mail with a coupon in a couple of weeks. This offer is up every Friday morning at 8 a.m. Limit 4 per household.
FREE Mars Chocolate

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kraft & Publix Rebate Details

THIS STARTS MONDAY-7/13!!! So wait until then if you want to do it!!!
Kraft/Publix Offer Form
I do plan to do this deal next week--Monday or Tuesday. Buying the $50 Shell gas card(-$10 in ad coupon) and then four different Kraft products(the cheapest ones!) listed below. Possibly 2 cards to make sure I get to my $50 minimum. I'll give you more details later...just do not get misled and think that you can do it now. :)

Participating Products:
KRAFT Mayo Mayonnaise
KRAFT Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese
VELVEETA Shells & Cheese Dinner
PLANTERS Sliced Almonds
SHAKE ‘N BAKE Original Chicken Seasoning Mix
JELL-O Pudding
KRAFT Grated Parmesan
OSCAR MAYER Bacon, Bacon Bits,
Deli Fresh Shaved Meats, or Chicken Strips
California Pizza Kitchen Thin Crust Pizza
KRAFT 2% Milk Cheese
A.1. Steak Sauce
KRAFT Barbecue Sauce

Another CVS deal

CVS has their BONUS packs of Bic Soleil Razors clearance priced at $2.99(unadvertised). The package includes a razor handle, two razors, shower caddy and the 4 bonus refills! Use the $3/1 Bic Soleil coupon from the 6/28/09 insert to get them FREE! That's right FREE razors. I also ran across some more Hefty $1 coupons at Bruno's yesterday. So I loaded up on more bags while I was there too! Only CVS with a dollar section that I know of is on Schillinger Rd.
I paid tax only on this purchase--so $1.74!

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Publix Savings 7/6/09

Order Total $9.76
Sales Tax $5.10
Grand Total $14.86
Saved $91.43

5- 18 lb bags of Kingsford
Used 5-$4 Kingsford coupons So, I paid $2.99 for each bag--A GREAT deal!!!!
5-Glad Flex Straws
5-packs of pork chops
2-pork roasts
1- pack of ground beef and pork for meatloaf
$6 of Boars Head Ham
Used 5- $6 off The Other White Meat Coupon FREE Meat!!!!
1- Digiorno for One
Used 1- Free coupon
1- 6 oz yogurt
Used 1- Free Coupon
1/2 loaf of Multi Grain bread
Used 1- $1 off Bakery item in ad
Used $5/30 Competitor coupon and $5/30 Publix coupon

This shopping trip included my FAVORITE Publix deal!!! "The Other White Meat" Coupon is a high dollar coupon--$6!. I use it to purchase all of my pork--lots of pork chops folks!!! You buy Kingsford charcoal (18 lbs. bag), one other qualifying product from the list on the coupon, and at least $6 worth of pork-- "the other white meat".

So I buy:
18 lb bag of Kingsford (regular price 9.99, sale price 6.99 through Tuesday--usually on sale during holidays)
1 pack of Glad straws (.59)
$6 of pork (pork chops, bacon, ham, pork hotdogs, pork roast, pork ribs, etc...) PORK folks and $6 of it!

You could use this manufacturer coupon at any store--However, I am a fan of the Publix meat dept. Also, the charcoal is a fair price here. Good when it is on sale. And GREAT when it is on sale AND you have a charcoal coupon too!!!

Publix Ad 7/8

The new Publix ad is up for review!!! Go to I HEART PUBLIX. Remember your BEST deals will be B1G1s that you have coupons for. Matching up will now begin! :)
I am really tempted with the $10 off the Purchase of a $50 Gas Card --BP Or Shell, This will be an in ad coupon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Target EGGO Bakeshop-Good Deal

Here is another good deal--GREAT if you have kids. Buy Eggo Bakeshops for .50 a box (after coupon) at Target. When printing the coupon hit the back button to print it twice.
$1 EGGO Bakeshop printable coupon
Ends 7/20.

CVS and Walgreens

Listerine (500 ml), Reach Ultraclean Toothbrush or Floss: pick any 3 at $3 each
Use 3 $2/1 printable coupons Enter the zip 90210 to get the $2 coupon. (You can print 2 from 1 computer. So print a third from a different one. :)
Receive $3 Register Reward
Final Price = FREE

*Remember no card is needed at Walgreens.

So here are my results--I spent $2.85 out of pocket for the below(which was really my tax). Remember I have been doing this a couple of months. I did have CVS ECBs to use. I used those to pay($20) and got back $18 ECBs. This is also referred to as rolling your ECBs. You will come out a little out of pocket your first trip--but after that use those ECBs to buy other things that produce more ECBs the next week. I had to change a couple things on the list once I got in there because they did not have certain things. :) The Hefty bags were FREE--I found a blinkie machine at a Bruno's that had $1 coupons awhile back. These bags were located in the dollar section (NOTE:Not all CVS stores have a dollar section).

3-Post Trail Mix Crunch, 3/$10
Get $5 ECBs wyb 3 (limit 1)

$2/1 Post Trail Mix Crunch printable Hit back button to print 3.
3-Caliber or CVS Transparent or Invisible Tape, $1.49
, Get $1.49 ECBs (limit 3) =FREE
3-Caliber or CVS Pencils 20 pk or Pencil Sharpener at .99¢, Get .99 ECBs =FREE (limit 3)
1-CVS Pantiliners (22-ct.), $0.89 
Get $0.89 ECBs (limit 1) =FREE
2-Dawn Dish Soap, 2/$2
 Get $1 ECB wyb 2 (limit 1)
 .50 Q =FREE
2-Febreze Noticables Use 2-$4 coupons in the 7/5 paper. Get $5 ECBs =FREE
Cotton Balls
Irish Spring soap

Hope you all had a GREAT 4th! I am eager to return to do a little "cvsing" today. This is another way I get free stuff.
Pay for toothpaste? Never again! We have a 12 month supply now--at least 4 months of shampoo, razors, etc...Again, on some purchases I use coupons--other items are just free(after register rewards print, which is store money you can use to pay for your next purchase)! You get Register Rewards by buying certain items that are on sale that week--and they print on your receipt after you pay.

If you do not have a CVS card--just get one for you and your husband/wife. Walgreens has a similar program but no card is required. I shop both stores when I can get FREE stuff.

Money Saving Madness does a good matchup for this week at CVS.
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Favorite Publix Sites and Matchups for 7/1-7/7

Here is a peek at a couple of my favorite Publix coupon sites and what they matchup for 7/1-7/7:

The site below is usually one of the first sites to get the Publix ad up(Monday usually). I like to find the future ads and match up throughout the week (and request coupons from manufacturers when there is time). She also does a separate post on her SUPER deals.

I Heart Publix

I like the next site because you can print a list here...I also am a big fan of their "HOT" buttons. They help me to find the BEST deals.

Publix 4 Pennies

I like this site strictly because it shows the percentage of savings. This post is for this weeks ad starting July 1.


You are sure to find your own favorites too. :)

I have been asked HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND DOING THIS--GETTING ORGANIZED FOR A TRIP TO THE GROCERY???. Seriously, I am a little OCD and pretty organized--BUT keep in mind that I do have TWO toddlers--I work on it when I feel like it at night or down time during the day--10-20 minutes here and there.
By shopping day, I am ready--list printed(off Publix), coupons being used on that trip in an envelope. Ready.

Kraft Coupons for Publix

Click HERE to find the Kraft Coupons to be redeemed at Publix. According to corporate, these retailer coupons are just like manufacturer coupons. So you could use one of these and stack with a store/competitor coupon. A lot of this stuff has been either B1G1/on sale lately. You should see the amount of Kraft BBQ sauce, cheese in the freezer, etc... that we have! I try and buy as much as I can(have coupons for) when something goes on sale(stockpile)--that way I have enough to hold us over until the next sale.

Here is another HOT source of coupons right now-Nabisco

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Straight off the Fridge--Past Receipt Totals

This gives you an idea of what my past Publix purchases have looked like--My all time best receipt was mailed off in a mail in rebate (saving $145, spending $20) so it's not included.
I can now take these receipts off of my fridge and just keep running totals of my savings here. :) Also, keep in mind--I stockpile. I have enough in my pantry/freezer to last for 2-3 months(at least!).

Order Total $1.45
Tax .94
Total $2.39
Savings $18.32

Order Total $9.76
Tax $5.10
Total $14.86
Savings $91.43

Order Total 17.41
Tax 3.03
Total 20.44
Savings 61.17

Order Total 37.38
Tax 8.15
Total 45.53
Savings 89.20

Order Total 20.62
Tax 3.48
Total 24.10
Savings 27.88

Order Total 25.36
Tax 3.95
Total 29.31
Savings 62.82

Order Total 23.00
Tax 6.06
Total 29.06
Savings 90.47

Order Total 14.02
Tax 6.32
Total 20.34
Savings 129.19

Order Total 13.30
Tax 7.06
Total 20.36
Savings 138.63

Order Total 8.10
Tax 2.98
Total 11.08
Savings 92.13

Order Total 18.82
Tax 6.89
Total 25.71
Savings 136.44

Order Total 22.06
Tax 4.17
Total 26.23
Savings 55.14

Order Total 24.82
Tax 5.56
Total 30.38
Savings 76.16

Order Total 53.85
Tax 7.88
Total 61.73
Savings 100.24

Grand Opening of Fairhope Publix 7/1/09

So I usually shop Publix once a week...My target is to spend no more than $30, preferably $20. We have a good selection and a nice stockpile in our pantry.

Here are the results from my 7/1 trip:

4 Bounty Paper Towels Rolls
2 75ft. Reynolds Wrap (free die cast car w/ Reynolds MIR HERE)
1 box Wheat Thins
1 box Triscut
2 packages of Jennie O turkey burgers
1 whole chicken
4 Skippy peanut butter
4 cans of Bush's Baked Beans
1 gallon milk
2 boxes Phil. Cream Cheese
2 Cool Whip tubs
1 box Ziploc bags
1/2 loaf Wheat Italian bread (super yummy!)
10 ears of yellow corn
2 Hershey Syrup
1.81 lbs bananas
1 reusable shopping bag

Order Total $17.41
Tax $3.03
Saved $61. 17

This was a small trip for me. I was unsure how the new Publix would be with coupons so I went light.

!!!!Make sure to clip the coupon for $5 off WYB $30 in today's Bruno's ad--in the Mobile Press Register!!!


So maybe this is long overdue...I have been shopping Publix for a couple of months now. And have been saving A LOT. Publix--Saving? Yes, you read right. I can hear the unasked question when I tell people that I went to Publix and spent $20 and saved $145(my best trip)--So, WHAT DID YOU BUY??? This blog is that visual!

My Publix Savings is strictly to showcase my buys--maybe a little brag blog if you will. I hit a couple of sites to confirm my match ups. I will share those sites here. Along with other frugal sites that I follow closely.
FYI-The Fairhope Publix DOES take Target coupons. Items do ring up 1/2, 1/2. And Debbie the manager is SUPER nice!

PUBLIX Coupon Pointers:

Some of your best deals are B1G1s! Especially when you have coupons. You can use one manufacturer coupon per item and "stack" it with one store(PUBLIX)/competitor(Target, etc...) coupon. So on a B1G1, where you are really buying 2--you can use up to 4 coupons on those 2 items! BIG SAVINGS!
B1G1 items usually ring up 1/2 price, 1/2 price on the two items.

I have found Target has some of the BEST competitor coupons--You can find them at Hot Coupon World, click on Target and print.

When matching up my coupons these are my favorite sites:
Publix 4 Pennies
I Heart Publix
I Love Publix
*These blogs are not in our area--so deals/coupon match up may be slightly different. Coupons may differ in other regions.

PUBLIX offers ads online along with a printable grocery list.

Where do I find my coupons?
Manufacturer coupons mostly come from Sunday papers, magazines, mailings, and the internet(also called IPs).
Here are good sites for internet printables:
Red Plum
Smart Source

Always check the manufacturer's websites too! Like this is a HOT one now-Nabisco

Publix coupons-mailing and booklets
Target coupons- mailing, newspaper, Hot Coupon World