Sunday, December 20, 2009

BB Minute: Walgreens

I stopped by my local Walgreens store this morning to work the Kleenex deal(spent .11 (includes tax) on a box of tissues)....While I was there talking with one of my favorite employees, this post came to me.

Are you a friendly couponer? I highly recommend getting to know your cashiers at your local stores. Personally, I really like my local Walgreens store. Why? It is close--but even more important to me--I like the employees! Build relationships. Be nice. If you have a coupon question, find out if there is an employee coupon guru. Most stores have at least one! They can answer questions and help you work deals and so on.

Get to know the cosmetic counter...Why? That is one of the best places to work deals. First off, you will not hold up the main line working multiple transactions. No rush. Secondly, the cosmetic counter lady does make some commission on certain products sold(not all--just a select few.)

One other requested side note, in terms of using coupons in general at Walgreens...One coupon per specified item. If you buy 5 JNJ soaps, you can only use 5 JNJ coupons. You could NOT buy 5 JNJ products plus 3 waters. Use 8 JNJ coupons. Those JNJ coupons can not be used on the water. Simple--right? Using Register Rewards coupons to pay is different--that is when you sometimes need fillers--and water would work then.


Anonymous said...

Beware of the Walgreen's in Tillman's Corner. I have called Corporate twice on them. They did not allow me to complete more than one transaction, no matter what. And they did not want to let me use more than one Register Reward (I had to ask her to try and see if the system would let her because she immediately told me they ("management") did not want me to use more than one at a time.) Others may have good experiences but I have not. I do however recommend the Walgreen's at the Loop.

LaJoyce said...

You are so right! Both of my fav Wlagreen's employees work the cosmetics counter (at Cottage Hill and Schillengers and Airport and Schillingers). They are the nicest ladies (both avid couponers) and one of them actually rooted me on Thursday as I took my total from $19.00 down to just over 2.00 bucks.


Hi this is Felicia from the Walgreens from the loop area and I would like to thank you for posting the blog to let other coupon savers know how the coupons and rr work at the store. I would like to let the other savers know that I am more than happy to help anyone who is a first timer and need a little guidance with the coupons or r.r. I work the cosmetics department and I here for you when you need...all you have to do is ask for me by name and just remember COSMETICS!!!