Monday, January 18, 2010

BB Minute: Thank you.

From the beginning this site was for my close friends and family to share my great finds and coupon knowledge. When I started the site, I was the only local blogger who had "worked" Publix and knew exactly what to share to make others get the savings I was getting. I ran across Michelle's I Heart Publix blog long before the Fairhope Publix opened. As some of you know, I trekked down to Orange Beach(from Mobile) regularly before the Fairhope store opened. I knew the savings were too good not to share! So I took a leap of faith, gut instinct and a push for a complete stranger(Aubrey, Eastern Shore Mom) and started the website. I figured a few people would get into it--but never thousands. Still shocked.
My original vision--to put all the information out there. To put out in the open the tools, tricks, tips. I told myself from the get go--I would not be a "deal" site. I would not type everyday. (You would be shocked how much time deal bloggers spend on their sites). Well, it seems that was the inevitable road for the site--a daily blog of frugal deals.
But I want to remind you of the core of this site--the basics of it all. Use The Bargain Buggy as a tool to teach yourself how to do the daily deals. I have everything here for free if you will take the time and explore the site. Read the Getting Started tab. Check out the Local Store Policies. It's all here. I have spent countless hours typing it here to help not only my "old" friends--but my "new" ones too. I feel blessed to share what I know. Blessed because by taking that leap, I have met some GREAT people from across the US...all the while saving my family money! So thank you. You all have made a huge impact on my life. You have encouraged me and have changed me forever.


savingsisters said...

Shannon, I think what you do is awesome and I hope you keep doing it. You are an awesome blogger as well as shopper. Keep up the great work. Larisa

Alaina said...

Thank you Shannon for all the hard work you put into this, and for truly having a desire to share your deal-finding knowledge with all of us! I would be tempted to keep the deals to myself, but you go above and beyond to share it with all of us. I am grateful for your wealth of knowledge and the new drive you have instilled in me! Thanks Shannon!

Cheryl said...

Dear Shannon,
I'm not surprised at all, you have always been a go-getter. I am so suprised at myself as an older mom and now grandmother how much I enjoy checking each day on what's happening and I appreciate the fact that you take the time to share as I know you are a busy mom yourself. I am also becoming more and more computer savy as I continue to search and follow your lead. I am happy for you and hope you are able to continue doing so well.

Super Savings said...

I agree with the previous are so amazing at what you do, and you inspire so many people. I have been wanting to save money for my family for so long, but just never knew where to start. After taking your class, it just all clicked! You truly have a gift, and God definitely gave you that gift to help others. I am appreciative of you and Aubrey more than you know!

Anonymous said...

Shannon, Every Time I open my very full pantry and 2 freezers- I think of you and thank you for teaching me these tools! You have helped my family and given me a hobby!! THank you for ALL your hard work!! Kyla