Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BB Publix Policy Ambassadors Needed!

Here is my vision: To provide even non local Publix shoppers with their policies right here on The Bargain Buggy.
The key: Bargain Buggy Publix Policy Ambassadors! I will send you a simple policy Q&A. Fill it out and confirm with your local manager and I will post that information for your city/store. You will need to be a regular Publix couponer who knows the lingo.
Would you like to be a BB Publix Policy Ambassador? Send me an email at bargainbuggy@gmail.com along with your Publix location and I will send you the form needed for your city. THANKS!


Fairhope - assigned

Orange Beach - assigned

Tuscaloosa - assigned

Decatur - assigned

Montgomery - assigned


Homewood - assigned

Mountain Brook - assigned

Alabaster - assigned

Helena - assigned

Calera - assigned


Pace, FL(Santa Rosa Common) - assigned

Gulf Breeze - assigned


Bayou - assigned

Nine Mile Rd. - assigned


Columbus - assigned

Atlanta(multiple locations)


Gallatin - assigned

You get the idea. I think this could be a great tool if I can recruit a little help!


Marie said...

I can do it here but I'm farther sounth in FL... Rockledge, FL, just let me know

Anonymous said...

You also have readers that use the Decatur, AL Publix. :)