Monday, January 25, 2010

HOT IP Coupons for Publix!

These printable coupons correspond with the Publix ad starting 1/27. I recommend printing these as soon as possible. Most of these are 2 prints per computer. The prices may be slightly different(couple cents give or take) as I am using I HEART PUBLIX prices. Adding to this list...

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel coupon $1/1 PRINT IE HERE or FF HERE. Will pay .25 each with coupon!

$1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch coupon PRINT HERE. Will pay .73 each with coupon!

Ronzoni pasta: $1/2 Healthy Harvest coupon or $1/2 SmartTaste coupon. If those types are on sale you will pay .29 for 2!

Eight O Clock coffee PRINT $2/2 coupon HERE. Will pay $2.99 for 2!


Brandy @ Mommy & Me Marketplace said...

Love this - thanks so much, you make it so easy to help me save money!!! I'm still just getting started and posts like these are a super time saver!!! and much appreciated ;)

Cheryl said...

What zip code are you using to get these. I have some of these already but when this coupon site comes up it wants a zip code. I put Mobiles, but the yogert wasn't there, so maybe I need a different one. Thanks

SCG said...

Try 45459, 90210