Sunday, January 31, 2010

Store Coupons!

The below links are where you can find store coupons.

Rite Aid (ad perk coupons)

Walgreens (monthly coupon booklets in store)

You can stack these at Publix with manufacturer coupons...They will not accept the Save A Lot coupons at Publix.

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Queen Pea said...

i have a question. if it's already been discussed, i'm sorry. i don't know what to search for.

i was at publix in fairhope last night, and there were about 10 people at the customer service desk with carts with groceries. i asked the cashier what was going on and he said that they were the 'die hard coupon ladies' something about coupon books. so i thought you could walk up and i guess just ask for a coupon book. but the guy at the csdesk was circling things in sale papers. so, my question to you all is . . . WHAT WAS GOING ON???