Sunday, February 7, 2010

Get Your Paper(s)!

4 Inserts in today's Mobile Press Register and Pensacola News Journal:
2 Smart Source inserts( one thick, one thin with General Mills coupons)
1 Red Plum insert
1 Procter Gamble insert

***Some Mobile locations only received 3 inserts.

Get more than one set of inserts a week! Recommend 3-4 sets.
Get the Mobile and Pensacola paper--The coupons in the inserts are different. You can buy the Pensacola paper at several gas stations in Baldwin County and Publix.
Larger cities get better coupons! Atlanta has great inserts!


Anonymous said...

Do you subscribe to Atlanta's paper for Sunday only?

The Bargain Buggy said...

No--costs too much and they usually do not include inserts. Try buying coupon inserts from coupon clipping sites like, or The only time I get ATL paper is when someone I know is driving or flying through.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get the B1G1 Nivea coupons?