Saturday, February 27, 2010

PRINT Uncrustables Coupon!

Update: Pulled up for me with no zip code in the blank!

Here's what I am printing right now--Yes, at 11 p.m. I am hoping that this is one of the coupons that will reset on Monday.

$1/1 Uncrustables HERE (print 2 by hitting the back button)
Stack with the .55/1 Publix coupon* and score cheap Uncrustables!

*These new Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids booklets have not been seen in our local stores yet but are in other Alabama Publix locations.


Caroline said...

Hello Shannon,
I spoke with the woman at the cust. service counter at Publix yesterday and asked why I can never find these coupons sheets and books that you see on IHEARTPUBLIX> She said that the Atlanta area must get more. She said they send very few to the Fairhope publix. She said she doesnt know why with as many coupons they go through they only send a handful of each flyer or booklet.

Carmen said...

I have not seen them in the Birmingham area (a friend in Florida is sending me one!) but tonight I talked to the store manager @ my Publix and he said he was going to look into for me...I hope he does! We never get booklets here!

Anonymous said...

They have them at the Orange Beach Publix.