Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tips for Shopping Children Consignment Sales

So here it is! Our first video debut! Consignment season is kicking into high gear and Eastern Shore Mom has some great tips to share with readers. Personally, I have consigned my children's clothes once, shopped twice and volunteered once. For me, it was tough because I would get in the door and see all of the stuff and think--Oh my, this is way too much. I would just get overwhelmed. Well, last night I learned what I was doing wrong.
Yes, there are secrets to shopping consignment sales and ESM is sharing them with all of us!

1. Just like with Publix, when shopping consignment sales you want to make a list of needs and wants. Focus.
2. You'll want to bring along something to tote your goodies in(laundry basket w/ belt).
3. Big items first! They will tag and reserve the item, so you can finish shopping.
4. Be sure to write down child's sizes and trace your child's foot on a piece of paper for shoe shopping. Consider shopping for this summer and next summer's size.
5. Always check the boy section for unisex shoes(Crocs, Keds).
6. Look for NEW items at a consignment sale.
7. Find a place to sort what you have in your basket. Make sure that you have everything from your list. Tops to match shorts, etc...Hang unwanted items in specified locations.
8. Monogram on an outfit wrong? Consider put an applique over it!
9. Take a couple batteries with you to test electronics.
10. Volunteer or Consign!!! Volunteering/consigning gets you in the door to shop before the public.

As you can see we had a good time. However, I want you to know that I was truly impressed with the items at Kidz Klozet. It was well laid out/organized and the prices were GREAT. The video was fun. You can get a feel of our personalities if you have not met us in person. Eastern Shore Mom knows her stuff when it comes to consignments! I am super excited about shopping my "first" sale with ESM's tips and the video blogs to come...Can we make another one today?!?

Kidz Klozet
March 2nd-6th


heidi said...

Don't forget about consignment shops that are open all year.....Mommy & Me Too mobile 295-5769

Brandy D. / Founder & Co-Owner Bows Etc... said...

That's right - and for those of you in baldwin county - Mommy & Me Marketplace is in Robertsdale and we're a permanent store/year round..for more info visit:

The video was great ladies!!!