Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: FREE Appetizer

Couponing to Disney had a great idea--A no dining out for the month of March challenge. I think that will be a great BB challenge for April. Anyone want to join me?


Alaina said...

I will! We don't eat out a lot, but its the quick lunch that I need to quit doing. I have TONS of food at my house, so there is no excuse for me to eat lunch out. Count me in :)

CARLA said...

You can also count me in. We have so much food there is no reason to eat out.

Bargain Chef said...

Maybe a no dining out without a coupon challenge? The four of us ate at Butch Cassady's last Wednesday for $21 plus $6 tip. I even had two premium drafts in that total. Last night we did the same thing but ordered an entire extra meal and the total was $5 more.