Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bargain Buggy Minute

Reminder about the competitor coupons that our local Publix stores will take:
Orange Beach-Brunos & Winn Dixie coupons. One $5 off.
Fairhope-Brunos, Winn Dixie, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid coupons. More than one $5 off as long as your order total qualifies. Example, if you want to use four $5/$25 coupons, then your total should be $100(before coupons).

My thoughts on $5 off coupons--Fairhope will eventually stop taking more than one. I am okay with this. Less off the top--but I shopped the Orange Beach store before the Fairhope location was built and I know you can still save a lot.

How do you come up with $110 a month?
I was so impressed with my first Publix trip back in April that I kept every single receipt on my frig. When the blog came about, I entered every one of these receipts(go to the beginning). I add up the totals and divide by the number of weeks I have been doing this. Then I tack on a little extra--for the bread store and if I find cheap milk, fruits and veggies somewhere. I try to stick to about $25 or less a week for groceries. You can see that I have been doing much better than that lately.

Where is your meat?
If you have been following me awhile you know that I load up on pork when charcoal goes on sale for $6.99(and yes I have coupons). You can go back to the buggy pictures and check it out. My meat purchases are usually larger trips(like beef yesterday). I buy when it is on sale to stock up the freezer. The last time whole chickens were on sale I bought a couple to freeze. I will be using a chicken for a pot of dumplings(lots of left overs to freeze)! It's all about stretching it!

I am completely booked for classes in October. I will open up the November calendar on Oct. 20th--so if you would like a spot please send me an email then. Thanks!!!

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Amber said...

Shannon, I have been reading your blog daily since reading about it in the Mobile Register. I haven't tried Publix yet, but have been CVSing for months with the help of Southern Savers and A Full Cup. It's so great to have a LOCAL resource for bargains. Thanks for everything you do.