Friday, October 2, 2009

A Few Changes in Store...

Well, the blog is getting ready to make a little change. I never realized how time consuming this all could truly be! Between searching deals, blogging, shopping, blogging, teaching classes and answering emails--I am swamped.

I am going to go back to doing what I like--my buggy pictures and classes. Many of you are asking for Publix coupon match ups on my trips. So instead of posting so many of the daily freebies and deals--I am going to try and start typing up the coupons that I use on the products that are in the buggy on my Publix trips. This will NOT be a full list of coupon match ups, nor will it include all links(you can find them at the sources below). It will strictly be the coupons that I am using and the products that I am buying that week(for CVS, WALGREENS, PUBLIX, etc...)

As I stated from the beginning I send you on to who I use to match up my coupons. The best matchers are I HEART PUBLIX and Southern Savers.

I read many "deal" blogs before I started my own...I NEVER realized how time consuming they are! So I am going to cut back on some things and try to do more of what I like to do--and apparently what you all want to see!

We will see where it goes.

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WendyMari said...

Sounds like you just played a time saving coupon! ;) Good for you! Thanks for all your effort!