Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coupon Classes in March - OPEN!

Several people have emailed requesting The Bargain Buggy & Eastern Shore Mom--What's The Big Deal About Coupons? class schedule. This post will include that information and more.

How did coupon classes start?
You might find it interesting to know that coupon classes in Mobile started right here in my own living room last summer. As the word spread, it was impossible to hold my home parties so I ventured out. Eastern Shore Mom and I began teaching together 100% the fall of last year. I truly feel like it is an added benefit to have the two of us together. I actually enjoy teaching the classes more this way...and I feel like attendees are getting 2 for the price of 1. We are professional--yet know how to cut loose and have a good time in our classes. I have actually taught other people who teach classes in our area now too.

Are coupon classes exclusive to our area?
No. We have met several coupon teachers outside of our area. Teachers who actually charge $40+ for what ESM & BB coupon classes include. The $15 fee seemed like a fair amount for 3 hours of our time...not to mention the time spent gathering and printing materials. Speaking of printing materials, here's my take on those. Our coupon classes are packed with information. A LOT. It is near impossible to absorb it 100% during a 3 hour session. So you have a take home booklet to go back to and reference. Note taking just would not cut it--we cover way too much. I feel that they are a MUST.

Are there extra costs once I get to the class?
NO! There are no additional charges at our classes. You get everything that you need right then and there--the booklet, the information, the contact numbers. $15 flat fee. I am not selling anything else at the class either. So, why the contact numbers? Most questions that arise can be answered over the phone. And if they can not I will meet you to explain in more detail(free).

When I started this it was a fairly new concept in our area. Since then it has really caught on. I enjoy teaching whether it be through the blog or class type settings. I enjoy seeing people succeed.

What should you expect?
A lot of information in a 3 hour class.
*Basics of Couponing This is the foundation--the building blocks. Take these tools and coupon anywhere.
*Local Grocery Stores-The Bargain Buggy covers all of main grocery stores. Detailed information on shopping Publix from the Publix guru. Here you are learning from the only site that works directly with Publix. The Bargain Buggy's teaching style is straight forward and a matter of fact--all business.
*WalMart and Target
*Saving on Produce and Meats
*Drugstores-CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid Taught by Eastern Shore Mom. People enjoy Aubrey's energetic interactive style. She includes current game plans so attendees can earn dollars back immediately.
*Questions and Answers