Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's Cooking Fairhope Foodie?

The Fairhope Foodie is back! I had a conversation with my dear friend last night about the new focus on The Bargain Buggy(more of that healthy buggy business). I have relied on Alaina for a couple months now--but last night I threw a curve ball at her. My words--Fairhope Foodie, I know we have this couponing/recipe thing down--BUT can we do it and be HEALTHY?!?! I love a gal ready to take on a challenge!
So here's a look a
Fairhope Foodie's menu this week. On her site you will find a weekly menu--in addition to the required ingredients(many of which are on sale at Publix).

Visit Fairhope Foodie HERE!

The Fairhope Foodie Menu:
Mushroom Quesadilla- Thursday Feb 18
Hawaiian Chicken Alfredo Pizza- Friday Feb 19
Artichokes and Hollandaise- Saturday Feb 20
White Bean Chicken Chili- Saturday Feb 20
Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Cauliflower- Sunday Feb 21
Sesame & Ginger Chicken- Monday Feb 22
Chicken, Pasta & Beans- Tuesday Feb 23

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