Thursday, February 25, 2010

NEW FREE Swagcode!!!

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We Are That Family said...

Hi Shannon, recently started to follow your blog and love it. I use to live in Mobile, but now live in Tuscaloosa. My sister put me on to you. She is also going to attend one of your classes, which I am very jealous. Anyway, I am huge into couponing, I keep the binder with the baseball card holders. That seems to be the best method for me. I have learned alot from your Publix 101 section, since that is the only place I shop here. But I do have a question, can you use more than one coupon for the same product if you are buying more than one? Say you are buying 3 boxes of cereal, the coupon is for .50/1, but you have 3 coupons. Can you use all 3 coupons in the same visit? Thanks!

Carrie Cameron

Anonymous said...

I am not seeing these swagcodes on their facebook.. are they hiding somehwere?

Carmen said...

everytime i search your site today i earn more swagbucks!!!