Thursday, February 25, 2010

Visiting the Butcher

As I mentioned in a previous post, today I wanted to check out the meat sales first hand. Butchers gave me tips to share...One even let me in on a little secret, next week should be great for buying meat at Winn Dixie. I shared with them my goals of the weekly meat find the BEST possible prices. Sure $2.99/lb is good for a pork loin, but $1.99 is better....$0.99 for a whole chicken is decent but $0.69 is a definite stockpiling price. So as we watch and chart over the next couple of weeks the stockpile prices will become obvious. It's going to help me and hopefully you too!

So here are the pics/tips from today's trip to the butcher.

1. Always compare the family pack($2.44/lb) vs. the standard pack($2.58/lb). Family packs are usually cheaper by lb...even better when they come with a $1.50 clearance sticker! Winn Dixie has ground beef $1.99/lb.

2. Always look for coupons on meat(stickers)! Usually they are placed on meat in the a.m. These stickers are found at Winn Dixie, Brunos and Food World and were plentiful.

3. Ask the butcher!

The WD butcher was determined to sell The BB these B1G1 FREE country style boneless pork ribs. These are cut from the top portion of the pork loin.

Top(roast, country style ribs)->Bottom(pork chops)->

Butchers will usually cut the loins for free...always ask(nicely). I would wait to buy a loin until they are $1.99/lb! Then stock up!


Alaina said...

Thanks for those great tips!

bekalysha said...

I was thinking the other day about the $10/$50 coupon that prints out at Winn Dixie. If you can catch their B1G1 deal and have one of these coupons, wouldn't you be able to get a lot of meat for $40.00? I haven't tried this yet but I have done this and bought $25 worth of meat and the other $25 I used on groceries (used coupons for these) and came out paying around $17.00 for meat and the other items.
Did I confuse anyone yet? =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting and doing this. I really appreciate the help in meat shopping.

Lana said...

bekalysha, my winn dixie would not allow me to do that. The cashier told me it had to be $50 after coupons in order to save the $10. Not sure if she was right or not though. Target also has coupons on their meats a lot, but do not take the coupons off. I found out the hard way that the cashier has to remove them at the register or you will not get the discount.